Svetlana Lebedko authorities used psychological torture

Within two weeks of the new year, the KGB has not found the opportunity to provide the lawyers of the accused "of organizing mass disorder" in order to meet with their clients. In this case, investigators have time for extensive searches in the offices and apartments of the arrested. Some "kagebisty" come with a search warrant for the second time.

While no avail lawyers sitting in the queue, hoping to meet with detained politicians, journalists, community leaders, relatives of the accused did not have time to take intruders. Today, with the secret services came another search warrant for the apartment Vladimir Neklyaeva. Still "shake" housing Alexei Mikhalevich, Andrei Sannikov andRockets. What can we look after everything is already flipped from top to bottom — native prisoners can only guess.

According to Olga Neklyaeva, today's visit is no specific targets had not kagebisty just tore her scheduled meeting with U.S. Senator Richard Durbin, which is located in Minsk. This means that its phones are still bugged:

"Today I had an important meeting place, and they have thus neutralized. I was just coming out of the entrance, and they came up. Thus simply prevented the meeting. As for the search, then they know that there is nothing to take. "

Reporter"Confirmation of the fact that listening is going on?"

"So, is continuing. I told them and said, this means that my phone is bugged. Because all the arrangements were made through the phone … By the way, my first complaint that I filed in the Prosecutor's Office on December 20, came the answer is in the Minsk police investigation, the case of the beating Neklyaeva transferred there. And the very thing leads KGB. I have to be honest, I do not know who is doing what, it's the same thing! . "

Since late last year, most families do not know anything about the physical and moral condition of their loved ones who are in the KGB detention center. Svetlana Lebedko, wife of the chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka is convinced that the authorities have adopted a policy of psychological torture as prisoners and their relatives:

And if you do not allow lawyers, it is logical to imagine that our relatives are under some pressure, and I think that considerable.

"Absolutely no news. Defenders are not allowed. Since December 29, when the lawyer saw him in charge, we have no information. And if you do not allow lawyers, it is logical to imagine that our relatives are under some pressure, and I think that considerable. Indeed, in this case, and our families do not know anything about us, loved ones, what happens to us. So, of course, can not be physical, but psychological torture — it's by far. Not only did not give any details, so more sharply limited the list of products, which in principle can be transferred. Probably think that there they have almost as a sanatorium. Now there is even the possibility to transfer a packet of biscuits. We, for example, when passed, we have not taken cookies, said — or crackers or dry. Cookies can not be, not candy. Generally absurd things … . "

We Anatoly Lebedko, as in most other detainees, this is the longest term of imprisonment. Earlier, there were 15 high-diem his release, now approaching full insulation to month. In general, the charge of "riot" pulls a term of imprisonment of 5 to 15 years.

Meanwhile, to meet with their clients is still possible — if such initiatives are showing KGB investigators. Larissa Atamanchuk, lawyer Sergei Wozniak— Trustee Vladimir Neklyaeva — very summoned to the KGB detention center:

"I went to visit him myself, but it was investigative action, so at the same time and managed to see him. On the circumstances of the case I can not say, but as for him personally, then, thank God, everything is fine health, with the moral and psychological state is also okay … "

Reporter"That is, you have caused. Under the current circumstances, it seems, is the only chance to get there? '.

"Personally, I myself, on their own initiative, have not been able to visit it. I will try it myself to attend next week, at least I'll try. Of course, it would be desirable pakantaktavats alone … "

From last year to the dungeons of the KGB did not receive any information about the status of former presidential candidates Andrei Sannikov andStatkevich. It is known that the iPad for December 20, is on hunger strike, demanding a new presidential election, but check his physical condition is not necessary — a lawyer to his client is not allowed. In this policy associates fear for his state of health — in their opinion, for iPad for its principled position will go to the "bitter end." Another thing is who in this unequal confrontation actually win …



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