Tatarstan has developed a unique drug delivery system in the human body

The first participant status in Tatarstan "Skolkovo" project was in the medical field. The authors have developed a unique drug delivery systems in the human body.

Ruslan Mustafin and Irina Semin.  Photo by Oleg Kosov
Ruslan Mustafin and Irina Semin. Photo by Oleg Kosov

Polymer "clothes" for tablets, they created helps to free medication exactly where it is best absorbed. And it's just another therapeutic effect and minimal side-effects of the drug! Finding effective ways to transport drugs by scientists worldwide. Basically attempt to synthesize new polymeric compound toxicity and behavior in humans are not fully understood.

But here's a drug carriers of only two, and the long-used in medicine polymeric excipients, until now no one could. Therefore, when the development of Kazan scientists have learned their Belgian counterparts, do not believe it. And invited the inventor — Dean Faculty of Pharmacy of the Kazan State Medical University Assistant Professor Ruslan Mustafina on probation, let prove in practice. The results exceeded all expectations. It was the discovery of a world scale.

Soon joined to research and research group led by Professor Irene and pharmacologist KSMU Semina. Began experimenting on animals.

— It was possible to prove that the drug carriers based interpolyelectrolyte complexes (IPEC) work not only in the "tube", but in a living organism rabbit, — Said Ruslan Mustafin. — Now we are trying to create the best "container" for any drug, — Continues to Irina Semin. — This will not only increase the effectiveness of drugs, but also lengthen the time of their action in the body. In particular, we are working with a group of non-steroidal drugs used to treat inflammatory diseases and bronchial asthma. Typically, it fits as angina, arise mainly in the morning. It would be nice if drunk the night before the drug was getting busy at this time. We are going to experiment with anti-cancer agents.

Opportunities for this was more, especially after Ruslan Mustafin was awarded "The Calling". The project is supported by the Minister of Health Ayrat Farrahov, and later President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. Decided to set up in Kazan research laboratory, to provide funds for the purchase of equipment. Willingness to participate in the research expressed authoritative Belgian scientist — Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics Catholic University of Leuven Guy Van den Mooter.

Olga Kondreva, Kazan
"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" — federal issue number 5577 (201)

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