Tatarstan has opened a kindergarten Sunflower in the new district, Sun City

Construction of the kindergarten "Sunflower" (Kazan, ul. M. Bulatov, 7) was launched in 2007. The two-story building is located in the territory of 0.4 hectares, the area of the building — 1,300 square meters. meters, kindergarten is designed for 110 seats. Here are six group rooms with bedrooms, a music room, logopaedic office, a medical unit, catering department, office of the psychologist, methodical study. The main investor of the project of "Ak Bars" bank. General Contractor — JSC "Ak Bars Story."

 In Tatarstan, a high birth rate and implemented a national program entitled "Belekech" — in terms of providing places in kindergartens children from three years old. Thanks to the program will be an additional more than 13 thousand jobs in day care centers, and the main part of the program has been implemented in Kazan (5600 seats).

Tatarstan President noted that the new kindergarten is a good example of public-private partnership, and expressed thanks to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan Asgata Safarov and representatives of the bank "Ak Bars". "I believe that neighborhood," Sun City "will be the most exemplary in Kazan. I congratulate you on the day "- said Minnikhanov and handed kindergarten" Sunflower "gift — a gift certificate for the purchase of the complex and interactive notebook. Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Ak Bars" Robert Musin also handed kindergarten gift — a certificate for the purchase of developmental equipment. 


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