Tatiana Seviarynets passport was returned to the KGB

Opposition leader asked to cancel a complaint against the illegal actions of the Minsk KGB, who on Jan. 12 took her paper and prevented the departure to Warsaw, where she was to speak at a meeting of the Diet. She refused.

Seviarynets Tatiana said that at the beginning of the passport did not give, saying that the officer who accompanied her yesterday in the KGB, calling himself a psychologist today "on the road". But as soon as she began to make a complaint on his illegal actions, passport found and returned.

Now it is a complaint to the General Prosecutor's Office on the actions of all KGB, involved in the incident on January 12. In the complaint, she said that two unknown men, who did not give their names and positions, detained her for an hour before the train's departure "Minsk — Warsaw" and taken in for questioning by the investigator Ivan Sanko.

Tatiana Seviarynets had to answer questions about events of December 19, and the building of the KGB she got only 22.45. In addition, the outlet she never returned the passport, called one of the employees. In the end, she did not get to Warsaw and could not even pass a train ticket to at least return the money for it. The next step, according to Tatiana Seviarynets will appeal to the court to punish those responsible for the violation of her legal rights.

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