Terrible flooding ruthlessly crushes Australia

Terrible flooding ruthlessly crushes AustraliaThe north-east coast of Australia has once again hit by floods. A powerful stream of water has become a real challenge for the Participants of the Festival.

Flooding prevented conduct of the annual festival of Christian music in Toowoomba (Toowoomba). According to the press service of the department of public safety, the water almost tore the roof of the pavilion, which was 15 000.

Fortunately, there were no casualties. But, according to meteorologists situation in Australia will only worsen.

Continuous heavy rains provoked a threat of flooding farmland. The water level in the river Dawson (Dawson) rose to 12.2 meters. Floods have destroyed local businesses and the economy. The local authorities are ready for the worst outcome, that is, the complete flooding of agricultural land in the region.


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