The advantage fighter Sukhoi recognize abroad

The Ministry of Defence is concerned about Taiwan The advantage of the air by the Chinese Air Force. It is reported by Russian news agencies and zabugornye referring to the Taiwanese press. According to the press service of disk imaging company "Sukhoi" in order to remedy the situation and to influence policy makers, decision makers, Taiwanese military diversion disk imaging of a secret report of the Ministry of Defence of the island to the local newspaper Liberty Times with estimates of Taiwan's air force fighting chance in a collision with aces China.

According to the views of military professionals in Taiwan, Taiwan's Mirage 2000 fighters and the IDF (Indigenous Defense Fighters, the joint creation of Taiwan's Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation and the American Lockheed Martin) "unable to resist" the Chinese Air Force, filled with Russian Su-27SKM 30MKK and Su- Sou-30MK2. According to the calculations of military professionals in Taiwan, Russian fighter type Sou-30MK is 2.8 times higher than the French "Mirage 2000" and 1.7 times — Taiwanese IDF.

These estimates — further evidence of large positions of the Russian school of aircraft and Sukhoi. Earlier, warplanes of "dry" and praised the Americans and their allies (the British, French and Australians).

February 2004 — in the process of training of air battles between Indian languid fighters Sou-30MKI and languid South American F-15C / D Eagle at the U.S. Air Force base in Elmendorf (Alaska) Russian aircraft defeated in 3 cases out of 4.

Summer 2004 — exercise Cope India-2004, the Indian Su-30MKI fighters showed the highest results in the training battles against fighters F-15C, including maneuverability, avionics and weapon systems.

2005 — according to the Indian newspaper The Times of India, the Su-30MK fighters defeated the Indian Air Force F-16C Singapore Air Force on a two-week joint training Sindex-Ankush over Gwalior air base in India. According to Indian sources, Sou-30K Indian Air Force won 8 of 10 bouts with South American fighter F-15 and Su-30MKI all 10 fights with light multi-purpose F-16 Fighting Falcons Singapore.

Summer 2005 — on the Indo-French joint exercise in France Indian pilots of the Su-30K fighters resisted the new versions of "Mirage 2000C" and "Mirage 2000D" (with radar RDI). The French side appreciated the professionalism of the Indian pilots, spirited adaptation of the system to NATO and the maneuverability of the Su-30, regardless of its size. According to Indian media reports, one of the French pilots saw a "melee" Mirage "seems more" nervous "than Sou-30. The decision about the attack should be taken immediately, otherwise Sou-30 with its own power and maneuverability you fill up rapidly. "

2006 and 2007. — For joint maneuvers Exercise Indradhanush Indian pilots on Sou-30MKI perfectly proved themselves in mock battles against the British fighter Tornado F3, Hawks and the new European Eurofighter Typhoon.

In 2006 — during the exercise Cope India-2006 Indian pilots successfully resisted in educational battles aircraft F-16 pilots under the United States.

In 2008 — the war games were the United States and Australia at Hickam Air Force Base (Hawaii), where representatives of the Australian Air Force were invited in connection with a plan to purchase a new South American fighter planes for a total of 16 billion. dale. How then told Australian newspaper The Australian and The West Australian, with reference to the hidden local military report on the results of the simulated air combat between the new South American 5th generation fighter F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter) aircraft and "Su", the recent "ripped" Yankees "dinghy as a heating pad", or on Australian way, "as the kids beat the seals."

Earlier, as reported zabugornye media, the choice of Malaysia Russian Su-30MKM to equip its own air force to a large extent been justified by comparative data Sou-30MK and American aircraft purchased by "Boeing" in the process of modeling in its own technical center in St. Louis.

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