The advantage of RF technology is proved tests and Russian technology zabugornoy

The superiority of RF technology tests proved the Russian and foreign equipment

Russian developers and manufacturers of military equipment and armaments are interested in conducting large-scale comparative tests such as operating machinery demonstrations advantages Russian technology. This is korr.ARMS-Tass said the general director of the Omsk Production Association "Radiofactory them. Popov," Ivan Polyakov, presenting the latest the latest development in the company of the 2nd International Forum "Engineering Technologies — 2012".

In Zhukovsky OmPA shows the latest decision on the organization of a field of three-dimensional transportation network with the introduction of all-encompassing hardware connection of the sixth-generation (CAS and CAS-TM-TP) with the use of active transponders DSAR +-based unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Active repeater signals DSAR +, mounted on UAV mode allows you to translate the-horizon radio-relay communications with guaranteed stability, regardless of the state of the troposphere. Inclusive hardware connection type CAS and CAS-TM-TP is able to change up to 5 units of communications technology, the currently proposed by different manufacturers to organize a field communication system.

The proposed structure of the organization of three-dimensional transportation network based on network-centric technology can significantly improve the mobility and stability of communication in the preparation and conduct of battle operation also provides a spirited response units due to changes battle environment.

"We are ready for an all-encompassing comparative tests with at least how many participants from any country of the world on one site in the criteria, it is very close to the fighting. Only a full-scale comparative tests allow you to select the midst of a huge number of new developments specifically those that constitute a new kind of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation "- Ivan Polyakov allocated.

International forum "Engineering Technologies" is intended to show the important role of engineering in the implementation of government economic values set by the President and the Government of the Russian Federation. Extended forum topic is focused on the demonstration of the best examples of modern engineering and technology innovator, whose application ensures the competitiveness of industrial products. The organizers of the forum: the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, and GC "Russian Technologies".

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