The age of conscription plan to increment up to 30 years

Plan to increase the draft age to 30 yearsRussian Defense Ministry has developed a plan of action to increase the number of conscripts recruited for military commissariats military service. It includes organizational, legal and awareness-raising activities, some of which are already being implemented. This was said, "NG" a source in the main organizational and mobilization department (Mobilization) of the General Staff of the Armed Forces. It is planned to make heavy use of lobbyists and officials from the number of ex-servicemen, which many in the legislature, the presidential administration and the government.

In 1-x, GOMU again initiates expressed his chief Vasily Smirnov two years back the idea of increasing the limit of military age from 27 to 30 years.

On the days of the idea voiced by the mayor of Naberezhnye Chelny Vasil Shayhraziev (see "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", 29.05.12). It is possible that his proposals have recently support the Tatarstan parliament, who will direct the respective draft law to the Municipal Duma. RT seems to elected not the case. Specifically, the region in the near future is the winner organized Defense competitions on military-patriotic education. Then one of the lowest in the country percent of draft dodgers from military service. And the youth of Tatarstan as a result of work carried out in the country is willing to serve in the army. And by the deviators in the public outlook republic developed a negative attitude.

In-2, at the legislative level, the idea is implemented Vasily Smirnov associated with the introduction of amendments to the Law "On Military Duty and Military Service", in which the citizens to be called up military service, should be without the help of others in the organization department of the Military Commissariat for the agenda to participate in other activities related to the call (see "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", 29.03.12). According to the regulations of the State Duma, the document prepared by a group of senators who are former military leaders led by the chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Viktor Ozerov, will see in June. Despite the fact that the bill versatile perceived in the community, in the military have great confidence that it will be accepted and the order of the draft campaigns constructive change.

B-3, Defense together with other departments and agencies (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Rossport, DOSAAF etc.) drafts laws to increase the prestige and attractiveness of military service, the need for which it was one of the first decrees of President Vladimir Putin (Decree on the upcoming improvement of military service), signed by him in his inauguration day May 7, 2012. Namely, worked out a system of measures related to the provision of the citizens, which passed military service on an appeal, "fringe benefits for admission to institutions of higher education, as the ability to implement them at the expense of the respective budgets of the RF economical preparation for entrance exams."

Vladimir Putin invites the Government to make a system in which the grants will be provided to "graduate students, past military service, training in Russian and zabugornyh business schools." And, most exciting, Putin for the first time asked the government "to provide preferential treatment to citizens, past military service, when applying for a municipal civilian service, and when you include them in the administrative reserve".

Around the amendment, said sources in the Defense Ministry, turned serious struggle in the government. The military department defends the wording in which the citizen of the Russian Federation can only be a state official in this case served in the army or the navy (or at the call of the contract). Opponents Defense in the face of other civilian ministries defend Myagenko a statement in which these persons only "take advantage at competitive selection on that or other municipal office."

Draft laws on the subject should be introduced very recently. Of them will be clear, whose position is defeated. Although it is clear that the management of the country with the filing Defense together with real and moral incentives for military service by conscription will secretly introduce unpopular measures.

Member of the Academy of Military Sciences Colonel Edward Rodyukov told "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" that in 2012-2013, "will be reduced the number of universities, with municipal accreditation, which means that all their students are studying in, fit for health reasons, will be called upon to military service. The same fate awaits many graduate students whose research topics are not exciting for the state. "

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