The aliens have appointed rendezvous Chelyabinsk pensioner


Every evening at the appointed hour, a resident of the North-West meets with an unidentified flying object. Wednesday, 01/14/2009 19:54

UFO appears in the twilight sky at a certain time to be moving on a given orbit over the night city and suddenly disappears below the horizon. The mysterious light can be seen with the naked eye. Behind the mysterious phenomenon of Alexander S. watches through a telescope.

Unclassified materials Alexander Semenovich. Night Rendezvous UFOs and Chelyabinsk pensioner unfolds in front of the North-West. First meeting in the twilight sky unidentified flying object has appointed three weeks ago. Unexpectedly, Alexander Studenikin window of the balcony I saw a bright glow.

Usually the telescope Alexander S. follows the progress of construction across the street. This time, looking at a home telescope, a witness recorded: a shining object has a heavenly origin. That changes the form, then shows a tail that wraps strange mushroom. Shared his impressions of the observer and his wife.

UFO moves along a preselected path toward Miassa. Closer to the night — hidden behind the horizon. Retired invited to look through a telescope to neighbors and passers-by. They agreed — the object of the supernatural. Called to the observatory — did not get a clear answer.

Inquisitive senior citizen is not only looking to the sky. Chelyabinsk ufologists periodically report the UFO over the city. Experts have to be clarified. This is not a spaceship of unknown worlds. Its brilliance is misleading citizens Venus in the active phase.

The planet is moving and shows the tails due to atmospheric changes, mixing layers of air and light refraction. Today, Venus reaches its maximum luminosity. And witness the celestial phenomenon may become a resident of the city.

Tatiana Nikulitse, "The Orient Express"

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