The aliens might already be living among us


Maybe the aliens are already living among us, but we do not know about it, because they — the microbes that differ at the biochemical level of any form of life on earth. With reference to the theorist from the University of Arizona Paul Davies journalist Mark Henderson, The Times reports, possibly in addition to the forms of life based on DNA is present in the world and "life unknown to us."

Until now, scientists have not found such organisms, because the very technique to study microbes is based on the similarity of biological processes in all earthly beings, Professor Davies said at a conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago. According to him, the discovery of such life on Earth would find its counterparts on Mars or elsewhere in the solar system.

Search for "aliens" should start at "home," said Davies, who noted that, despite the fact that over the past decade in the scientific understanding of the Earth's environment, life ranged from considering it as one of many in the universe to the opinion of her unique and unconventional originality, in fact new scientific evidence has not increased. And while we look for life in the "terrestrial" conditions, why not turn your eyes to the most ground conditions — that is, the Earth itself? Perhaps life here several times its infancy, says Davies.

According to the American scientist, unusual life forms may contain, say, phosphorus, protein as a life-and arsenic, it would allow them to exist deep in the ground or in the hot springs.

Source: The Times

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