The attraction of hearts

The attraction of hearts

Each time the closer prazdnichek Victory, the more noticeable the editorial mail starts to "smell the gunpowder." Greater enthusiasm for her cause at first memoirs of veterans. But these letters, for obvious reasons, the editors receive is less and less. Yet the thread on which the word through the newspaper war veterans comes to the reader in the primary source, never allow them to break off some letters written in the trenches and dugouts in the respite between battles and hitherto carefully stored in families.

With the emergence of the copier front letters to the editor come only in copies. And here is unique — no small weaving yellowed leaves exercise book-originals with faded ink on the time and the pencil lines.

AT THE FRONT not many who managed to preserve acquired from home news. Therefore, the letter made its way to war and back — uniqueness. Immediately letters that were sent to relatives on front, and after the victory back to the family, along with a destination, not less, than those that once came from him from the front. It turns out more than life ashore, he now leaves these invaluable, of which more than one generation of descendants learns about love and loyalty to the military officers Misha smallness and his girlfriend Olga battle.

Brought these letters to the editor, an employee of our confession Larissa Eremeeva. Her husband, Igor creators of "postal novel" brought her grandson.
According to the stories of Larissa, their grandfather Mike E. — a man "without kith or kin." Faster out of desperation than of cruelty, threw up his kid in a large family, believing, apparently, that where 10 kids from the eleventh not refuse. Poverty was the wildest: first global, revolution, plainclothes war, post-war devastation — and up to 15 years, with the advent of heat Misha walking with bare feet will not fly again until the "white flies."

His first "university" was not clear from the undertaken in the attic chest full of adventure books. Having studied the contents of the chest, inquisitive by nature boy realized that he needed to learn, and began to catch up. For the year he came into two classes. And after school, "hare" with Ukraine reached Moscow in the hope of finding a school where the students were on a municipal security. In Lefortovo came upon infantry school. But for some reason do not like the command.

Frustrated, almost in tears, frustrated student caught the eye of a passing of the artillery school teachers. When he learned what had happened, those on the move suggested: "Come with us, you will become the commander of the artillery."

And he became them.

Grandma Olga Stepanivna also not blue blood. Childhood and adolescence spent in an orphanage, where her mother has led to despair: four mouths to feed one she was not under force. Persistent, besides krosotka, Olga did not just survive. "Fallen ill" circus, she became an air gymnast. In Minsk, the actual path and crossed the road, the young actress and her circus fan, a young reddish commander.

Lofty Russian commander's war found a family where two kids are grown — 8-year-old Jeanne and 2-year-old Robert, in Leningrad. Unknown (from a spouse, somewhere near Luga who took the first fight, neither have any news) Olga was not frightened. Does not recognize the word "refugees" in a business-taking with them every last little things, from the town, over which hung the threat of blockade, it does not run. Evacuated. Do not panic, together with the children. While in Izhevsk.

There Olga receives from a spouse first letter, dated September 24, 1941: "Now I'm in Leningrad. From August 1 to September 18 did not come out of the fight round the day. Strong had to go through a lot these days are. Was in the rear of the Germans without food, quite detached from the Russian people without newspapers, radio, without any connection to the outside world. Breaking from the environment, a lot of time walking next to death, twice had to join the melee. 18 days in the mouth was not a single crumb of bread. Mushrooms and cranberries. Revered for satisfaction, if you come across a log and not had time to rot horse. But all this has passed step. What lies ahead — we'll see and learn. "

Then the second letter, also from Leningrad: "After the release of the environment was the purpose of the commander of an armored train. But due to the deterioration of my injury, I was sent a battalion of recovering to healing. I try to have a little more, but in Leningrad, all products are sold on the cards. So with the additional food it does not work. "

Another letter"My wound began to heal, and I was again in Leningrad. Got a head of mission of the brigade headquarters. But even more fun is that you are far away from the front, can not see and do not experience all that experience of Leningrad. "

Unlike Misha Efimovicha with it firmly entrenched military bone, whose letters start date of their writing, Olga Stepanivna on this score was not as punctual: no date. Therefore have to rely on intuition, that, building a logical chain, to find places for excerpts from her letters between the letters from the front.

Olga: "When we lived in Leningrad in Izhevsk, where I got a job. But later deducted from the brother of Bones in October and went to live with him in the Urals, in the Sverdlovsk region. Kostya, but the front did not get the health feels good. He lives alone, works at the mine in the village. Shameyka 12 km from the town of Asbestos, mines gold and emeralds, is perfectly in gold currency. Next to it we still easier than some places in the middle of strangers. Nature here is wonderful and rich. Not so long ago, Kostya on one day out hunting and brought a goat and three birds. So do not go hungry. Robochka always says that he wants to go to the front to help daddy thrash the Nazis. "

Misha: "5.4.42. I am glad that my daughter sent a second letter written by her, and my black bug Robochka scratched me two pictures. Bombs, tanks and soldiers came out very well. Well done, son! You've already learned the Nazis is intolerable. "

WHAT enemy will be defeated, and very soon, believed it all. Especially after Stalingrad. But in the spring of 1942 an artillery commander Misha Malosay did not know what consequences for the country and for the Red Army approaching summer. Yes, even if I did, I could not have written differently: "14.04.42. Volkhov front. At this point in the court of spring. It should become Coming in the spring of our victorious against the dark forces of fascism. We are fighting in very difficult criteria to repulse the enemy every limit, each locality with the greatest difficulty. Our Reddish Army now is incomparable with the army in June 1941. How unlike the pre-war and my understanding of the war that had to experience in reality. We have acquired vast combat experience, we know the strong and feeble hand the enemy, we are able to peel his Soviet-style.

Yesterday signed a loan in the amount of 2,500 rubles. On the victory over the enemy is not sorry to the last penny. I think that you also did not disappoint. "

Olga: "Misha, do you know how much I love their homeland. Having lost his father, without the help of a large family, our country would not have survived. I grew up in an orphanage. And if not Russian power, I would not have become what became. Although we are in
a deep rear, but do not sit warehouse hands. At the moment, for you can not be shameful for his military girlfriend. Without me in the settlement does not pass a single event. In the winter I organized a collection of warm clothes and sending them to the front. And that's just in the middle of housewives spent a subscription to a loan of defense. So, darling, we can say that we serve an example for each other. "

Olga: "Misha, our apartment is not bad, warm, spacious, with a good underground storage of vegetables. They have to be pretty. I planted 5 pounds of potatoes, I expect that to grow 50 pounds. Grows well, has spud. Suddenly realized I was a good gardener. We eat their own salad with sour cream. My garden is growing better than the local housewives. This is always the case when you invest in a business soul. I bought a goat, a small, if all goes well, it will be in January with milk. Started a 2-chickens, they lay eggs to us. One of them not so long ago was the hen, soon will produce chickens. "

Misha: "From your last letter learned that my daughter went to 2nd grade. I am confident that in the second grade, she will be trained better than the 1st. "
Olga: "dug out 120 buckets of potatoes. This is 60 pounds. Even if nothing else is, do not perish. "

Olga: "Live well, all healthy. Winter comes, procure firewood, insulate the apartment, did a little repair. "

Misha: "15.09.42. Volkhov front. Going down on her knees in front of you, Olga, for the great work that you put into supporting the family for the winter all fit. Such a powerful spirit of a lady like you, certainly cope with their tasks. "

Misha: "10.01.42. Volkhovsky front. I currently am on a fundamental part of the front. It was a lot of hard work, and a suitable criterion does not fall out. Therefore could not write to you. At the moment, fell 10-15 minutes of relative calm, with the exception of continuous shelling and bombing. The enemy's shells are broken in such proximity that the fragments often knock on the door of the dugout. "

Olga: "I work hard a lot, I get up at 5:00 in the morning, go to bed at 12 at night.

Currently hay for goats, has learned to mow. In the winter and harvested mushrooms all right. Carrots, beets, onions are great. In general, cases of larynx, and still have a social work — is an authorized executive committee to ensure the families of soldiers. It's not easy to knock something off the die-hard for the needy. But nothing forces lack. City Party Committee and City Council for their active social work gave me a precious gift and a diploma. "

Olga: "I congratulate you on the newest form."

Misha: "2.3.43. I'm alive and well. 've Been fighting in the South-Western Front. Gromit Germans and Italians. They get away, throwing all the equipment and leaving many prisoners. From the first days of the war Goebbels propaganda called the fighters are Fuhrer Russian freedom. Stepping we started not so long ago, but already had enough of the results of their "liberation" campaign.

The war has brought a lot of trouble to our suffering people. Not so long ago saw the first mine of Donbass — sad sight in this once wonderful and burgeoning edge. All deadened. People are starving. No supply. I beheld a lot of Donbass ladies, carrying on a sled last belongings, that in the villages on the Don replace them with bread. In such a cold (fevral!) to pass on the Don steppes of more than one hundred miles, leaving home hungry kids — is no mean feat!

Germans hate everything from small to large. We are also working Donbass meet both their own liberators from German oppression. Ladies weep for joy, presented flowers to soldiers. Where did they get them in the winter — I do not know. "

Olga: "Robochka asks the Suvorov Military School. Wants to be like dad, the military. I said I would, but put a condition: if thou well to learn. "
Jeanne: "Robochka has already grown large. All the while dreaming about for you, how soon are you coming home. He asked his mother to sew straps. Mother sewed, and he is himself a military. "

(Robert realized his dream still-and followed his father — was an artillery officer).

Olga"Zhannochka with distinction finished 2nd class is growing a beautiful, graceful girls, grown a pigtail. Very beautiful eyes — like a mermaid. "

Joan: "I have finished the second quarter on the fine. I danced on the tree two dances: gypsy "cabs" and the ballet "stream." Robic rides with big mountains and falls. Turns on the go. He said the Christmas tree poems. I am well rested and help my mother with the housework. We are not offended by Mike's goat and gave everything for a kid. Mom goat Martochku I Borenka goat, goat and Robochke Yasha. "

Jeanne, clever and krosotki, life seemed to have evolved as well as possible. Graduated inyaz. In Tambov, where the family settled, met a cadet aviauchilischa Yuri Eremeyev. Mendelssohn's march — and Jeanne as brave officer's wife right behind her husband shook the whole of the USSR. And everywhere, arriving in a new aviagarnizon, first went to a local school to get a job. And when Yuri went to the Air Force Academy named after Yuri Gagarin, there is the British language, among other students and teach their own spouse.

After years Eremeevo returned to Tambov, to the city of his youth. Jeanne in the usual status of military girlfriend, Yuri — as the head of the native alma mater. Now, there were already four — grew offspring Igor, who also was destined to put on officers' epaulettes, and daughter, Olga, named in honor of her grandmother.

Misha and Olga E. Stepanivna on the advice of doctors by that time had moved to Abkhazia and were overjoyed when they were all summer came grandchildren. In those happy days are not they thought that they are destined to the worst — to survive a daughter and son-in followed. Came the fatal 1974. In January, Jeanne was not — cancer, in October aviakastrofe killed Air Force Major General Yuri Yeremeev.

Man can not predict their fate and the fate of loved ones. When it was in 1945, the people, and together with him and the family, which we have sensed the approach of the Victory, internally preparing for the transition to civilian production.

Olga"This winter the load was below me, and I decided to fill a gap in the literature. Pushkin, Shota Rustaveli, but most of Shakespeare, who almost did not know, "Hamlet", "King Lear," "Romeo and Juliet", "Macbeth", "Othello."

Even after the May 9 military tried to have forgotten already experienced fears of the last war.

Misha: "6.6.45. Berlin. It's a pity that until now did not come to Berlin theaters, our Russian theaters. So hunt to look good dramatic play or operetta. One just walking in the circus, watching German artists. Work perfectly. Books in the Russian language yet. Free time, not including chess, there is nothing. There is a need for knowledge of the German language. I beg you to purchase a pair of German language books — me and my friend. "

Misha: "9.9.45. Germany. Problems adjusting to civilian life does not feel. September 7, was on parade Russian, British, French and American troops in Berlin. Our infantry in comparison with the allies had more military look. Those strolling around because our pioneers. Americans went to the music, which was more like a fox than a march. Our tanks on something someone made a strong memory. The Allies did not expect to have such a beautiful machine. In my opinion, our army at Berlin parade took first place. "

Misha: "11.10.45. Germany. The 28th anniversary of the October Revolution met with a sense of deep gratification.
Order of Comrade Stalin me given the title of colonel. In addition, to my added two more awards, more expensive: the medal "For the Defense of Leningrad" and "For the capture of Berlin."

Our heroes — strong personality, with a temper. There is a perception that this hard to get along. But enough to read the following publication by a small fraction of their correspondence to realize that this is not the case. Especially when everything is built on love.

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