The boundaries between the worlds

The boundaries between the worlds as thin as a cat whisker, or cobwebs. But without a gate to cross that line is not possible. These doors, gates and portals opened with the magic words and the rings of power, in both directions. Thanks to this portal we are in different worlds, and beings from other worlds — in ours.


Episode of "Alice in Wonderland" in which Alice is walking unsteadily through the murky surface of the huge mirror and into another world, echoes in other fantasy works, written and wound "Alice", and after it.

There fantasies mirrors have many uses. As the gates, they are a means to gather information. Magic mirror answers the questions — including n explains, "who in the world all the sweeter" and plays the same role as in the fairy tale "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." With the help of a mirror you can check whether your guest vampire or werewolf — these creatures are not reflected in the mirrors.

Mirror does not have to be a glass covered rear amalgam, or have an old metal frame. It can replace any reflective surface — a pond, a pool, a lake, a crystal or polished shield.

Rings of Power

The first story about the rings of power created by magicians, and owned by them, have a very long history. Perhaps the most famous of these ornaments — Ring of Solomon. Legends about him back to the IV century. BC. e., and perhaps to an even earlier time. Solomon was a great and wise ruler in Israel, it is spoken of in the Old Testament, but the story of a magical ring taken from other sources. Legend has it that Solomon used the ring, when he was building the Temple of Jerusalem, to defeat the demon who tried to destroy it. Since then, a lot of other myths, legends and sagas of the rings, the ability to restrain the demons, humans and other creatures, and unlock the gates to other worlds.

Other gates

Doors in the country elf long are some caves, ancient burial mounds and burrows in the hills. Sometimes portal is a gap in the fabric of an obscure universe, which can be felt but not seen. Other gates guarded ferocious guards. Three-headed dog Cerberus stands guard at the gates of the underworld Hades. It is believed that the lake monster guarding the entrance to the other mysteries of the universe.

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