The case of honor

The story is true, and no matter what happened, it will always be appreciated descendants. In Paris, opened a monument warriors of the Russian Expeditionary Force. It is sad, but in his native homeland is no monument of the 1st Russian soldiers who died in the First World War. After all, they went to defend the Russian empire, and had vorachivatsya in the country of the Soviets. Brand new power is not considered them heroes, she had a new challenge and a new patron.

It took almost 100 years. Sage scrub or completely disappeared from the face of the earth grave of Russian soldiers and officers who were carrying out the orders of the royal government. All right, that there are people who remembered their names and titles.

Starting a war on the Eastern Front, Germany and Austria-Hungary was advancing rapidly and Europe because the British government and France have been asking for help from the Russian Federation, urging the need to send to the Western Front the Russian military compound.

The decision to send Russian troops on the Western Front was made in December 1915. Four brigades, regiments 8. 45 thousand people.

Two teams had to defend France, two — the Balkans. In autumn 1915, the Allies opened a new front were needed freshest, desperate troops, who became Russian.

The defense of Reims, the town where all the French rulers were crowned, was the first task of the Russian brigade number 1.Ih courage and dedication impressed the French. The Russian military orders were French.

But Russia was not the French, the Russian Expeditionary Force had its own rules and regulations. In the states of units not included doctors, hospitals were not organized. The wounded after many bloody battles, but there were some cure. The Russian fell wounded to the French military hospitals or clinics, and only from those who served them their fate depended. Russian economized on drugs, tied them Zapyataev bandages, well assisted by the second or third turn. The most severely wounded Russian soldiers were lying on the floor in the corridors unlike the French and the British, placed in the light chamber.

But military honor and duty to intercede with Russian fighters were above these logistical problems. Order of the king was the law and the Russian troops fought bravely in advance the disastrous battle of Anscombe. "Slaughterhouse Nivellya" historians dubbed this attack bestalantnuyu chief General Georges Nivellya France.

The battle was lost. Replace command. More than 5 thousand Russian soldiers were killed because we were on the front plan of attack.

The Russian military began to think more about their own role in the non-Russian war.

Especially because of the Russian Federation came the news of the February Revolution. Sir Nicholas II abdicated. All this learned Russian from French newspapers.

War and its victims were foolish. Are increasingly in parts of the Russian steel lead a discussion about returning to their homeland.

But the French command all of these requirements with severely. Awards and Russian fighter feats were forgotten. Russian troops withdrawn from combat positions and are oriented to the area of the town of Limoges in Camp La Courtine, in the deepest rear.

Creating chaos and insubordination. The soldiers got tired and refuses to do to make orders of their commanders, they sought to return to his homeland of all, in Russia.
He was elected to the only likely outcome of reconciliation. The rebels separated from the measured, wanting to continue the assigned work.

Active enemies of stupid war left at La Courtine, and those who lusted to wage war deported to the camp Cournot, near the town of Bordeaux.
Russian troops were defeated by kurtintsov and kurnovtsev. Any of these groups had different views on military duty.

10 thousand kurtintsev did not perceive the proposals of the French authorities and the interim government. Rebel camp was surrounded by 3 tyschami kurnovtsev. Russian of French guns fired on its own citizens. Produced more than five hundred artillery shells and machine-gun fire. Thus began a strange land Russian Civilian war.

Rebellion was suppressed. The surviving rebels were sent to the French bullpen.

Russian was one of three variants of the upcoming stay abroad:
1. Fight to the end of the war under the command of French officers;
2. Become military companies operating in France;
3. Being exiled in Algeria, Africa
and forever forget about their own country — Russia.

Most of the Russian soldiers, about 5 thousand people agreed to work in factories. More than fifteen thousand bored decided to leave, inhospitable country, and only three people want to wage war on.

Fate, in the main, have developed dramatically. Africa for the Russian fighter was hell. Heat, unsuitable for housing barracks, hard work in lead mines in the sights of the French gunners. They were just slaves.

Of those who agreed to wage war Lohvitsky Russian general and a colonel Gotua formed Russian Legion. Generous Russian officers, for which honor and conscience of a good defender will be fundamental in life, were the backbone of the unit.

Despite the fact that the Russian government on behalf of the Russian Federation signed the Brest-Litovsk peace treaty and home out of the war, Russian The Legion fought valiantly for someone else's land there, where you do not dare to go to the French and British housing.

Dreaming to take over Paris in the spring of 1918, German troops threw all his remaining strength to break through the defense of the French capital. But the Russian Legion fought so selflessly, not allowing the invaders to the capital, the attack failed. Germans were forced to retreat. Many Russian fighters for this fight have been awarded the Order of the Legion of noble origin, the highest merit of France.

After the war and the conclusion of Armistice in November 1918, the city of Worms in the south-west of Germany was given the Legion of Russian occupation. Russia entered the German city of favorites. Surprise and indignation of the Germans was not the limit.

But the joy of victory was not. At the farewell construction of forty-five thousand soldiers of the Russian expeditionary corps stood 500.

In the history of the Russian expeditionary corps reflected all the Russian catastrophe decent people who are used to meet for the assigned homeland deal faithfully to the end.

Many of them never returned to their homeland for fear of reprisals new government. Their graves are scattered all over Europe, only a few are buried in the Russian military cemetery in Mourmelon, near the French town of Reims.

The monument in Paris — it's a belated assessment that feat Russian soldier, with which France has not been erased from the map of Europe.

The young Russian officer with the St. George's cross on his chest. Next to his faithful friend — fighting stallion. So, do not look pompous monument of loyalty and honor, and the way home.

And when the war was held in July 1919 on the Champs Elysées in Paris, the parade marched the Americans and the British, the Belgians and the French and Senegalese marakontsy, in other words, all those who participated in the victory of the allied forces, the Russian stood on the sidelines, swallowing tears. Lofty October Revolution ally turned them into enemies.

They are not accepted and rejected foreign land home. All those who survived or been wounded, were left to fend for themselves, each survived as best he could.
Russian warriors have become makers of history and malehankih cogs in the wheel of her. It was only 100 years later, where he
is not allowed to pass in the victory formation, raised a monument to the heroes.

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