The Chinese are scared of strange calls from a nonexistent number


Many residents of the Chinese capital frightened night calls with chilling sounds to fixed phones. And, with a nonexistent number, the newspaper reported, "Xinjing Bao". At present, the police have complained of more than 200 people.

Concerned citizens calls several times a day, and it happens mostly after midnight. For instance, one resident of the capital's night had five times to remove the tube. At the other end of the line, he heard a baby crying and a woman, then a child's voice asking him for help, and before the call ended abruptly, the tube was heard a piercing scream.

A still from a horror film "One Missed Call"

Other Beijingers say just heard "unintelligible sounds." However, when the journalists tried to find out who owns this number, it turned out that he was not registered with any of the Chinese telecom operator China Unicom, which he seems to digital code must belong to, nor in any other company.

When attempting to call a phone sounds message: "The number you have dialed does not exist." The Beijing Public Security Department said it received mysterious calls citizens can report them to the local police station.

The representative of the management assured that the police will pay particular attention to the elucidation of the mystery. According to him, the capital's residents should not panic, because "apparently, it is about the actions of the attacker."

Experts Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications believe that the person or people who commit these calls, use a special program that allows you to modify your own room. They also noted that the present track number "joker" is much easier than it might seem, and the public security organs, along with the service provider can do this in the near future.

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