The choice of the Slavs — White Russia or Litvinskaya swamp

"Oh, imitators, cattle subservient as your vanity often troubled me gall and often excited my laughter!". So great Horace despicable comments about miserable imitators, who, like a bird in the wrong feathers, tried to look who they say they are not really.

In present-day Belarus for some time had their own birds in the wrong feathers. Birds, vociferous to shrill and intrusive to impropriety. "Devoured" crumbs from the master's table West, these birds have attended only one purpose — to transform the country into a large aviary, whose inhabitants would have to determine wander through the exotic plumage of the Western model.
This was the theory litvinstva, still marginal political movement. But, thanks to the care of the West squeamish, do not stop their nefarious subversion, litvinstvo tends to develop.

The first cries that Belarusians are not any western Russian, and not even Belarusians and Lithuanians some mythical, which originated from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, were heard in the early twentieth century. In the paper by Mikhailov "What's cooking litvinstvo for Belarus" we read: "The modern Belarusian intellectuals, partly to say goodbye to a fantastic and romantic follies set era of the Soviet Union, is trying to create a new Belarusian identity. In this self-consciousness, alas, no storage space on Russian unity, which was destroyed by the October Revolution. The new consciousness must emphasize the "European choice" Belarusians. True, shamefully hide the fact that the "European choice" — it too loudly. Much more accurately and truthfully be said that the Belarusians are pushing for "Polish elections."

A hint of polish choice is justified. And though they say that the chicken is not a bird, and Poland not abroad, apologists litvinstva is in the "Polish chicken" see good hen, which will forgive all the infamies and villainy. Provided, of course, that these evil directed against the Russian world. So those Belarusians (Russian), who sit and think that they "Lithuanians" are trying hard to please the West. In their zeal, they even went to the tongue. From now on, most of litvinistye Litvins require Belarusian language to translate into Latin script, so even though shaped as letters to get closer to Europe. They flatly refuse to see the nature of the Belarusian language as a dialect of Russian, but insist on its exclusivity.

Building on the language and the Latin script, a bunch zakoperschikov climbs out of his way in order to justify their own ethnic independence.

American scholar of nationalism and the emergence of new states Benedict Anderson in his book "Imagined Communities", referring to the language problem and attempts to make them alien dialects national scale for purely political reasons, said: "With it, unless it is possible to determine the place of birth of anyone who opens his mouth the local market. They may have their local dialect and customs, but most often it is only the variants of a broader pervasive culture, including many other similar communities. "

Words perfectly describe the American scientist attempts litvinstva (and Belarusian nationalism) spin-off from the Russian culture and to create a kind of cultural and political "miracle" of unknown origin. Help litvinstva theory "pregnant" this "miracle" can only cheeky West, whose schools are happy to take in young Belarusians European orientation.

In 1836, the head of the British Commission for public education in Bengal Macaulay wrote: "No Indian, received an English education, is not wholeheartedly devoted to his religion. It is my firm belief [and as such it was always] is that if our plans of education followed, then after thirty years in the respectable classes in Bengal there will be no idolater. "

Similarly, calling on the Belarusian youth headlong escape to the West, and to listen to him at all — from culture to economics, founders litvinstva makoleizma serve as agents of policy, to put the words of Benedict Anderson. But the ideas of Anderson's "Litvin" do not care, because they contradict the ideas themselves "Litvinov."

Much regrettable that has recently received considerable support litvinstvo … the official Minsk. In the echelons of the Belarusian authorities have ideological outlook of the fans, including the Minister of Culture, called belorussoyazychnogo Latushko Paul, former ambassador of Belarus in Poland. This, by the way, with his approval nationalist figures of cinema set about filming "Spikes for your sickle", the main theme of which is, according to the authors, "the confrontation with the Russian Empire" and "search for the lost identity of Belarusians."

Over western Russian consciousness for centuries worked Poles. The result was the emergence of the Belarusians. But the word "Belarusian" is heard all the same allusion to a common origin with the Russian. This hint is now trying to erase all the forces, using two concepts — the concept of Belarusian nationalism and the concept litvinstva. Both theories compete with each other in the struggle for the soul of the Belarusians, and both undermine the essence of traditional Russian consciousness of the Belarusian people, due to which in Western Belarus and have not appeared vile historical characters like Shukhevych or Bandera.

Attack on Russianness in Belarus has always led the Poles, and they themselves participated in it along with okatolichennoy Belarusian gentry.

They say, though, and in Moscow itself-born mother mythical "Lithuanians". They sit quietly in the Belarusian Institute in Moscow, who through their efforts became almost headquarters litvinstva in Russia (and for Russian money). Given that the ideologues litvinstva urge to join their ranks of those Russian citizens who can not define their ethnicity, particularly stressing the inhabitants of megacities — Kaliningrad, Moscow, St. Petersburg, the appearance of cells litvinstva in these cities is possible. Unless, of course, the West is not stingy to pay for "Litvinskaya" services. After all megacities have always been famous residents of low ethnic identity, cosmopolitanism and increased susceptibility to rotting influences from abroad in the form of a "hippie", "rap" and just "fashionable guy." A Kaliningrad, apparently, will not escape the notice of the ideologues litvinstva — after all, the Polish borders, and cut off from the rest of Russia. Perhaps along with Warsaw and succeed in Kaliningrad Russian spirit slip!

"Nationalism is not the awakening of nations to self-consciousness: it invents nations where they do not exist." These are the words of British scientist Ernest Gellner, the author of the monograph "Nationalism and the nation." The same can be said of litvinstve.

Ilya Makarov

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