The collapse of the U.S. c 21 December 2012? Lease expires on the Fed printing press (updated)

The collapse of the U.S. c 21 December 2012?U.S. empire is threatened with collapse. Known even to the exact date when it can start the process. And there is no mystery. In the basis of these conclusions is solely financial, economic and tribal reasons and state elites in North America. That is why Germany and Switzerland may require the return of U.S. gold, and the entire financial world is on the eve of dumping dollar cash.

That is why the United States began a long-term destabilization of the entire Middle East and the Maghreb. That is why the U.S. is building concentration camps to form a stock of plastic coffins — to divert attention from a very important event, which may eliminate the U.S. as a phenomenon of the current geopolitical map.

The fact that writes in his article "The struggle of Middle Eastern power centers" Igor Ignatchenko, "December 21, 2012 will expire on 99-year chart (rent money machine) of the Federal Reserve System (FRS), given to her in 1913 by the U.S. Congress.

In order to extend the lease on December 21, 2012, the Fed will need not only a majority of votes in the Senate and in the House, but three-quarters of the legislators of each of the 50 states. It's no secret that this would be very difficult, given the huge debt and depreciation of the dollar is not tied to gold. Gold Certificates, which are paid for the printing of the Federal Reserve dollars, payable only in gold, but gold is long gone from the Fed.

Not surprisingly, the end of the Mayan calendar is scheduled for December 21, 2012. Financial collapse of the U.S. dollar will necessarily lead to profound political crisis, and to get out of it, the U.S. government will be ready to resort to war, or at least full of tension, for those with a special do not need anything. Only need to adjust the timing to draw in — December 21, 2012. "

U.S. Congressman proposes to overthrow the Fed

U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich Requests the leadership of the U.S. to use their constitutional right and then start printing money on their own, without going through the Federal Reserve.

He said this in an interview with "Voice of Russia".

Kucinich has introduced legislation that, according to him, will help create millions of jobs in the private sector, reduce the federal budget deficit and end the fiscal deficit without raising taxes.

"The bill, called the" National Emergency Employment Protection ", considers that, in America, over 10 million people unemployed, it has created an urgent situation, we need these people to find work. Question — how to do it, especially at a time when the government says that there is no money, "- said the congressman.

Recall that in the United States the ability to print money was given to the Federal Reserve more than one hundred years ago, and now the U.S. government does not release the money.

Kucinich stressed that the Fed does not use the opportunity to put the money on the development of the real economy and job creation, but only gave them into the hands of private banks (in the U.S. do not have state-owned banks. —Approx. author.).

"In 1913, it was done so that the Fed could create and then privatize the functions of monetary policy. As a result, the money in the hands of private individuals, who often did not act for the good of the people. If you privatiziruete gas or oil tycoons get incredible profits at the expense of people or the state. If you privatiziruete money, money power in the hands of private banks that do not protect the public interest.

I advocate that the state regained its strength — a constitutional right, which was given the federal budget — and at the same time invest in job creation, rehabilitation of roads, our bridges, water supply, education, our colleges, our hospitals' — quoted Congressman eye planets.

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