The correspondent of Radio Radio Station Gorki with the KGB did not return

January 17 at noon KGB detained a correspondent of "Radio Radio Station" Boris Gorki. To still unknown where the journalist Gorki.

Boris Goretskogo detained during the execution of the editorial tasks — journalist wrote relatives of prisoners of the KGB detention center near the building of the agency on Komsomolskaya Street.

First Goretskogo invited to the KGB for document checks. This was at 11:30. At 12:55 Boris Gorki made contact with colleagues and said that he was "taken out of the KGB building in an unknown direction." Since then, it took 8:00, but due to the Gorki was not, and no one knows where he is.

The head of "Radio Radio Station" in Bialystok Eugene Wapa said that acceptable KGB do not say anything about the location of the correspondent Gorki.

All the time We call in various other places to find out what happened to him, but to no avail.

"They say only that during the day can give some information. We also sent a letter to the KGB, that we have explained the reasons for the detention of Boris Gorki. Also, a constant ringing in various other places to find out what happened to him, but to no avail. We hope for another of the day kind of information will be. "

Reporter: "Or like this has happened with Boris or other correspondents in Belarus?"

"How to resume broadcasting, we never received accreditation, despite our written requests. Such a request was sent and Boris Gorki, but we were denied again and again. "

Eugene Wapa assured that as soon as receive information on the presence of Boris Gorki, this will be known a mother who is very worried about her son.

Human rights activist Anastasia Loiko, which is monitoring the situation with the administrative arrest in the case on December 19, does not rule out that Boris Gorki may eventually end up in prison in Akrestsin:

"There is such an option, that it" closed "on Akrestin, like the others who took part in the rally. It will be necessary call Akrestin and learn it. The second option — which questioned as a witness. Both options are not very good. Let's wait and call Akrestin. "

In connection with the events of December 19 reporters had to not only get on the Akrestin, but also there to serve a certain period of time. So, for a few days was punished administrative arrest journalist "Belsat" Tatiana Bublikava.


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