The current oligarchic power of Russia ramshackle exploration

President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Russian Federation, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov

President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Russian Federation, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov

Russian intelligence now seriously weakened. The current oligarchic power not want to know, obtain information on military programs, political strategy and military equipment — it primarily interested in business matters. This was in an interview with "New Region", said President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Russian Federation, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov.

Elected officials, says the expert, in campaign speeches only speak for the interests of Russia, including on defense, security, but in fact the opposite exercise — army disarm and weaken the structure of mining, exploration.

"For example, our Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) see … Promising directions disbanded, while opponents are creating yourself" — said Ivashov.

Thus, by signing an agreement with Israel on military cooperation, Russia has caused suspicion of the Arab countries and Iran. Sanctions against Iran, according to him, also embitter against our country the Islamic world, then an operation to fight against drugs in Afghanistan with the United States, carried out without the consent of the Government. It is not entirely clear Ivashov and Russian policy toward Japan.

"That flew Medvedev to the Kuril Islands to Japan to tease? First, it forces disbanded, and then begin to tease Japanese … "- surprised the general.
To say that the Russian government provides security from the West, it is impossible. The elite, in his opinion, "more concerned about the social, political protest that is brewing in Russia" — rulers fear folk explosion or even the change of power in the election, and as a consequence, the loss of their capital.

"That is why they are now urgently flee into NATO. Understand that the NATO force to share, but at least everyone will not take them, do not go to jail. Intelligence only in this direction is guided — be admitted to NATO, will not, will hide the former president, prime minister, ministers or not, will give political asylum to Akhmed Zakayev, or both do not give "- said Ivashov.
General, referring to the book by Mikhail Poltoranin "The power of TNT," cites the fact that the Russians do not own 80% of the resources of the country. To say that the property is in the hands of Russia, in his opinion, is impossible, since running away, her "owners" "try to steal all that you can, with you."

In addition, Ivashov recalls actions of Boris Yeltsin in 1993, when the President, for the sake of power, asked for support from the Clinton and concluded an agreement with the U.S. weapons-grade uranium.

"Clinton said — I have something important to give to Congress, that he did not answer, at least. What to give? Give weapons-grade uranium, I would say that Russia is a nuclear-free country. Yeltsin agrees, and we lose 500 tons of nuclear capacity, create a country for many years. "

Special services and financial circles in the West, summarizes Ivashov, aware of where the power officials hide their savings. And the oligarchs always hangs the threat of exposure, if any of them are "wrong turns." "Or sell it on Russia, or you have all taken away" — such a choice, according to the expert, often Western intelligence agencies confront the Russian elite.

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