The death of the famous mountain-will nature sanctuary


PETROZAVODSK, December 5. At a recent meeting on the mountain Vottovara with the Minister of Social Development Valery Boinich, the authorities agreed with the position of the Karelian Research Centre of the need to make the mount status of protected areas and nature monuments.

As the correspondent of "Rosbalt" in the environmental organization SPOC, Vottovaara is Muezersky region of Karelia and the highest point in the West Karelian Hills (417.3 meters above sea level). It is called the "Karelian Stonehenge" and the Death-mountain, is credited with properties of the so-called "places of power".

In the center is a natural amphitheater of mountains, dotted with small lake and rocks caused by a powerful earthquake around 9 thousand years ago. The slope of the mountain is a stone terrace, covered with moss. At the top of the hill is about 1 thousand 600 stones laid in seids. Scientists suggest that this ancient religious building. The weight of some large stones up to three tons, many of them laid on the smaller stones, as the "legs". Trees on Vottovaara somewhat unusual shape, twisted trunks and twisted.

All this attracted the attention of not only the grief of geologists, but the followers of the different areas of the mystical, supernatural forces fans, fans kosmoenergetiki who believe that Vottovaara — a kind of place the Center of the evil forces or bridge to another world.

If the mountain will make a monument of natural values, it will protect it from excessive curiosity pilgrims. It is also planned establishment of municipal institutions for the purpose of providing tourism-related services with a visit to the mountain Vottovaara.

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