The European Commission took up Google

The European Commission has opened an investigation into allegations against the company Google.

The largest Internet search engine accused it abused its dominant position, artificially low ratings of competitors in search results.

Complaints against Google to the European Commission asked the French search engine and British website Foundem, specializing in the comparison of retail prices.

"The European Commission has decided to initiate antitrust investigation into allegations of abuse of Google's dominant position in the wound search engines on the Internet," — said in a statement the European Commission.

The statement also indicated that the European Commission has responded to "complaints search providers about unfavorable for them to recognize their services in Google's search results on Google against preferential treatment to its own services."

Ready to work

The investigation also touched advertising policy Google.

Competitors accuse Google, in particular, to impose exclusive conditions to its partners in advertising, so that they could be placed at certain types of competing ads.

In announcing the investigation, the Commission, however, does not blame Google for any misconduct.

"Since the founding of the company Google we have worked hard to provide a quality product to our customers … but always room for improvement, and we will work together with the Commission on matters of its concern," — said in a statement.

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