The failure of the Afghan C-27A

The government of Afghanistan held a meeting chaired by President Hamid Karzai on the state of the Afghan air force. It is reported that at a meeting that was vserasprostranena information about the sorry state of the Air Force Afghanistan. It was reported that only a small amount of nominally large park Mi-8/Mi-17 are applicable to flying condition. But more resonance had information that all 15 military transport aircraft Alenia C-27A (G.222), set by the Yankees in Afghanistan, are not applicable to the real-time for use, and the cars are laid up for several months. So Makar, Air Force Afghanistan completely devoid of transport capacity.

The failure of the Afghan C-27A
5 aircraft Alenia C-27A (G.222) Air Force in Afghanistan in the parking lot of the Kabul airport.

The contract for the supply of the new Afghan Air Force 18 aircraft Alenia G.222 presence of the Italian Air Force for the South American designation C-27A was issued by the U.S. Air Force of the Italian company Alenia Aeronautica in September 2008. Price contract, funded by a Yankee, was 287 million in September 2010, he was added to the contract for the supply of another 2-G.222 aircraft in the amount of $ 30 million aircraft G.222 1977-1985 years of construction, taken from Italian Air Force weapons due to their substitution in the C-27J, undergo a complete renovation and modernization of the company Alenia Aeronautica in Capodichino near Naples, then transferred to the U.S. Air Force, which supply them with a new Air Force in Afghanistan. Subcontractor and prices of these aircraft in Afghan Air Force initially (until April 2012) served American company L-3 Communications (which is a contractor for the supply and maintenance of aircraft C-27A and C-27J in the Air Force and the U.S. Army). Training of Afghan pilots and maintenance personnel is the Yankees.

Delivery of the aircraft in the Air Force in Afghanistan was launched in September 2009, and the first "operational" flight Afghan C-27A in Afghanistan since the US-Afghan mixed crew was executed March 24, 2010. By the time the true Afghan Air Force received 15 aircraft, two of which are equipped with modules for VIP-transport.

But, as has been reported after a meeting of the Afghan government at the moment, all these machines are not able to fly due to the disgusting state of technical and acute shortage of spare parts (in the production of many parts has long been discontinued). According to some reports, there prepyadstviya and airframe of an old car. According to Western special press with beginning operation of the C-27A in the Air Force Afghanistan faced with significant neuvvyazkami, including due to the lack of skilled care, and their combat readiness was low. In December 2011, the entire fleet of Afghan C-27A was considered worthless to fly. Later, a few cars were allowed to fly, but in March 2012 the entire fleet was again immobilized, and is in a condition to this day. So Makarov, more than the 300 millionth example program is practically on the verge of failure. The representative of the 438th Air Expeditionary Wing of the U.S. Air Force Capt. Agneta Moorman accused Alenia Aeronautica and a contractor hired by it (in other words, L-3 Communications) in that part of the job "did not meet the contract specifications." South American military source told the newspaper "The Wall Street Journal", that "most of the ground equipment is faulty, or the wrong type, or is incomplete," and that the documentation so far is incomplete and that there is no oxygen filling equipment. March 30, the U.S. Air Force concluded c Alenia Aeronautica and the new contractor unnameable new two-year contract price of $ 107.7 million for the restoration of airworthiness at least part of the Afghan C-27A and their service center. It is also reported that the rate of training of Afghan pilots and ground crews are very low, in part because problems with security related to a number of armed attacks on Afghan South American instructors. The training center in Kabul, the U.S. Air Force instructors at the moment are required to wear body armor, carry a rifle for himself and put armed guards in the classroom with the Afghan-trained officers.

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