The failure of the project St. Petersburg — 2 inevitable

The failure of the project "St. Petersburg - 2" inevitableThe political class since the time of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin to this period is trying to re-create the "best" tradition of Russian empire.

Strategically, trying to become an old ally of Europe — Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Speaking of the single European space from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

Signs of building "EURORUSS"

Domestic policy

— In cultural terms, the consciousness of the Russian people is constantly clogged music, film production, transmissions, Russian literature, not the content. Destruction of the Russian Language, replacing it with "Inglish". Creating mass degenerate pop culture, full idiotizatsiya population.

— There is a so-called rehabilitation. Movement of snow-white, one film "Admiral", which is where the masses (for the film rednecks), contrasted with "noble" officers.

— The continued heresy more about the people towards regimes over the past 500 years, Ivan and Joseph Stalin.

— Recovery formal "orthodoxy" of the population in an attempt to drive hundreds of gilded buildings, where there is no shred of the Russian spirit.

— Destruction of the best in the world of Russian system of education, science, in order to lower the educational level of the population are illiterate than say, the fewer questions will be asked.

— Reducing the number of people of the Russian civilization, the main method of programming the unit of self-destruction. Commodities reservation, no need huge population.

— Infiltration of the masses of migrants from the Caucasus, Central Asia, and China. "Optimization" expenses — workers are more profitable than their Russian counterparts, in financial terms. On the other hand, a massive community of strangers, ready to be punitive forces (example plainclothes War of 1917-1920., When troops Latvians, Hungarians, Czechs, Chinese, etc., used as detachments, punitive).

— Artificial feeding of "Chechen tumor" that under its occurrence was possible to sanitize the planting of several 10-s man in the bullpen. At the current time, this "black hole" has taken metastases in all regions of the North Caucasus and in almost all other areas of the Russian Federation. And to solve this dilemma can only be a very big blood — need a complete elimination of the criminal-ethnocratic regimes, in all republics, etnomafy throughout the Russian Federation. The punishment under the Criminal Code of gangs all participants in the 90 years of the 20th century and early 21st century, as accomplices, ie virtually the entire Chechen people. It will be a good example for the whole of the Caucasus and ethnicity of the "intelligentsia" of state regions — all usvoyut that the Kremlin appeared Owner.

— Transformation of the Army, in the direction of small in numbers, mobile units capable of solving puzzles colonial West, Asia and Africa.

— Conversion of Ministry of Internal Affairs in punitive body which will, in the main, to fight against "extremism and terrorism". The juxtaposition of the population and the "policemen".

— The transfer of state resources in Western, Eastern part of TNK (only on days of "British Petroleum", dirtied the Gulf of Mexico, but allowed the Russian Arctida). For a bunch of local collaborators, gets his "barrel jam."

— The destruction of the country's infrastructure, industry, agriculture, capture profitable companies in private hands.

— Share of foreign sales corporations agricultural land values, the beginning of the process of implementation of forest resources.

-Much attention is paid to the "euro-repair" in the towns — the new structure of administration, companies, shopping centers, churches, parks, fountains, markets, luxury homes, offices. At full extinction of villages and small "company towns", closed thousands of schools (in days of Fursenko said that he still had five thousand schools to "optimize" — to kill), hospitals, villages, villages, libraries, houses of creativity, etc.

— The coming "tolerastii" full swing introduced Western, unhealthy living standards, Europe itself from them dies, because nature abhors a disease, so even Russia for a drags. All these buggers polupederasty, a place which govnostoki to clean the screens teaches kids and young people, as the "right" to live.

Outside politics

— Adrift Serbia, demolish relations with many allies.

— RF is integrated in the "international community" as a source of natural resources, the "brains", ladies, kids.

— It attempts to become part of the EU Member States, in fact at any cost — to the transit of military cargo to Afghanistan, Karzai's drug producers to equip the army, to reduce nuclear forces, to give Norway the controversial shelves, forgot about the infringement of the rights of Russian in the Baltic, the S-300 to Iran is not going to sell … all create , just take. At least agree what position …

The inevitability of the collapse of a similar policy

History teaches nothing fools, the Romanovs, too, saw themselves as part of the "enlightened" Europe. What was all over …

West does not need is not a monarchist nor communist, nor our democratic homeland. Russian civilization — is a separate world, it can not enter into chuzhye frame. Western clans "pomatrosil and throw" of our Westerners, they are thieves and traitors are needed.

The Russian strategy of survival

The only way to survive the Russian political class — is to take a course on the Russification of the Russian Federation, For example: use the experience of Alexander 3, Reddish ruler. The revival will not be high-spirited, very much all torn down, but Will Russian superethnos contains within itself a unique opportunity for the Restoration. The political course for Russianness bude supported by an overwhelming majority of the people, not counting the small group of liberal degenerates.

In another, Bane everything, including the current "elite" …

Based on: Petukhov YD Russian world order. Moscow, 2008.

The failure of the project "St. Petersburg - 2" inevitable

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