The first spring weekend in the heart of Russia will blizzards and ice

Despite the arrival of the spring calendar, the first weekend of March in central Russia will be accompanied by frost, blizzards and strong ice, the temperature returns to normal only to the International Women's Day, said on Friday the weather center.

A series of active North Atlantic cyclones, moving to the south-east section of moves altitude frontal zone to the south of the Central Federal District, contributing to the spread of cold air masses from high latitudes in the district.

According to a forecast meteorologist, on Saturday at the CFD expected snow, wind gusting 13-20 meters per second and a snowstorm. Sunday afternoon will snow in some places with a snowstorm. The prevailing temperature on Saturday night and the day will be 6-13 degrees below zero, in the north-east region of 18 degrees below zero, in the south-east to 2 degrees Celsius. On Sunday in the northern half of the district the temperature drops by 5-10 degrees.

"On Saturday, on the road most of the areas expected strong black ice" — said in a statement.

On Monday, the district will remain snow-blizzard weather with gusty winds. Temperature will rise a bit, the night is expected 8-15 degrees below zero, and the day 6-13 degrees. "The trend for the further weakening of frost will not change, and the temperature has returned to normal following a long weekend" — note the meteorologists.

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