The ghost of a Roman soldier scared the morgue attendants


Staff at the Royal Hospital enlisted the help of a priest.

Staff at the Royal Hospital in Derby scared to death — the night ghost walks the corridors. Distraught with fear staff informed the administration of the "disembodied male figure in a black cloak." Then the doctors asked the local priest, he helped to oust the spirit.

Management Debbie Butler sent a subordinate email asking them not to raise a panic, "I'm not sure it's seen a ghost everyone who speaks about him. But treat the request seriously enough — a lot of hard work in such an environment. Do not want to scare anyone, but all I can do — each alert about the incident. "

According to a report on the paranormal, prepared Layanelom Fantropom, Derby is one of the most "frightening" cities in England. "It recorded 315 reports of ghosts, werewolves and vampires. On average, 10 000 people in the 14 statements about the meeting with the representatives of the other world" — quoted expert newspaper The Sun.

But in the last week broke all records — experts are dozens of applications from employees of the Royal Hospital. Eyewitnesses in one voice say that they saw "a male figure in a black cloak, which quickly moved through the corridors and passed through the wall." Very often there is a ghost in the morgue.

Experts believe that the figure in a dark cloak — neither more nor less than the spirit of a Roman soldier whose remains disturbed during the construction of the hospital in 1920. And despite the fact that the building was completely rebuilt, the soul serviceman unhappy place, on which stands the hospital.

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