The ghosts of the night, or on the other side of life

That evening, I accompanied the mother of his girlfriend, which is more than fifty years spent in our small town. I came home late at night and could not sleep.

Eugene five years as a widow, and lived just a ten minute walk from my house. Her daughter, Julia, my childhood friend, begged her mother to move to live with her in another city.

Mom, I want you to be there. I do not want to wake up every morning with only one thought, you're there alone, hundreds of miles away from me and grandchildren.

Unfortunately, his eyes literally stuck together, but sleep was not. Several times during the night, I turn on the television, took up a book.
Then he decided to overcome itself. Unplug the TV, put the book and turn off the lights began to consider.
"One … two … three … ten … eighty … one hundred thirty … two hundred and fifty … "

And then … Then the action takes place on the script fiction film. Lying in bed, almost asleep, I heard in my sleep a soft knock at the window. Idly rising, went to the window and opened the curtains, she was horrified.

On the road near my house was a bus from the funeral home with a black stripe down the middle. Of him looking at me in the window of my friends who have left this world and moved to the "other."

I felt like my hands are cold and your toes, as the forehead and nose sweat, as the legs are cotton, but the tongue sticks to the palate. As the body began to run shivers.

Outside my window was the father of my childhood friend Julia and her husband Eugene, who was early in the morning to leave our town, Uncle Leon.
— Sonya, why are you so afraid to look at me? — He asked, smiling at me, he continued, — I'll not do anything wrong. Get dressed and go out to the street to talk to … …
I stood there and looked with horror at the street through the window glass.

agilis people began to leave the bus. Many of them I personally saw in the coffin. They were the same things that they've seen friends and acquaintances, seeing his last journey.

Lena went to Uncle Tamara, a former colleague of my sister, who died of cancer, leaving a two year old son.

Why do not you come out to see us? — Said Tamara — Do not be frightened us … We'll do nothing wrong … You need to be afraid of the living and not the dead …

What are you doing here? — I asked, startled, thinking that death came for me — I do not want to die! Not ho-choo! There's bad, there is terrible and it's dark …
— Look at me — said Uncle Leon and smiled again — Look at me closely … Do I look bad?

u actually … Uncle Leon last ten years of his life are very often sick and was very overweight. His asthma was more than a heap of any adverse disease. In front of me was a man living smart with bright eyes.

— I live in a wonderful place — he said — in a pine forest … It is ideal for my health.
— What are you doing here? — Thickly I said — you are all dead men.
— Came to visit you, earthlings — broke in one of my good friend, who died in a car accident.

I do not remember what happened next … w as I stood minutes or seconds with my mouth open. Then … Then I asked them:
— What is it? On the other side of life? There's scary? Bad?
— No, — said Uncle Leon — devil is not so, as you draw it … There's another life … Other concepts about life …

— You want to back … to us … to Earth?

We want peace … We want to be Earthlings have not been touched, loved and remember that we are always with you, we are following your life …
— Follow? — I asked, startled.

Here, he came to see how my wife will be leaving our house … it's hard to do it … hard … So I went to help her, support her …

— Uncle Leon — after a short silence, I asked — Do you want us? In our lives?
— My mission on Earth is over … All that I could, I did … Now I'm home.
— Home? — I asked in bewilderment — as the house? At home, I … And you're not home … You in the coffin …
— Ha-ha-ha, — burst out laughing dead.

— Sonia, — said Tamara — You're a guest … The Earth Guest … A coffin … So we will leave your world …
— Now do not tell me what's good … What there is afterlife, and all live happily ever after like a fairy tale.

Why does everyone live happily ever after like a fairy tale? Life is not … and there is not paradise … There is also need to work and live there forever … And here … stop …

I do not remember what I asked what they told me, just remember one thing, I asked a few questions, which still makes me think of many.
— How often do you visit us, and how often you'd like to see us?

Almost none of us are drawn to the earth … But there are exceptions … Grandparents whose grandchildren were small, want to see the kids … They come to him at night, when they are fast asleep — Uncle Leon said.
— I want to see my son … Push it to myself … I had to leave him such a small, such a helpless … I left him when he needs me … I do not often go to see it … There's no time for this — with annoyance in his voice said, Tamara.

— We have our own lives, and do not bother us for nothing … Do not come to the grave, when you see fit … I do not bother us … Do not torture us and do not torment our souls … This is a church … go there … Please pray for the repose of the soul, — said Uncle Leon.
— Why?
— You are meddling in the other world … the world, you do not understand … The time will come, and you yourself will understand everything …

— Who out there is bad, this shnomu world?

Who is bad? Anyone who has sentenced himself and took his own life? … It's scary … It's very scary … These people are not we accept, our world, and they are already in your dead … They try addicted to the dead, but it's impossible … God gave man life and only God can take it away from us.

Uncle Leon, do not scare me. Are you trying to say that the murderer … The man who took the life of another, your world is better off than one who is ordered to his fate?
— Probably, yes … These people — slaves … They take the new arrivals … They work with them … pass them adapt … teach them to live by our laws …

The room rang alarm clock …

I stood in the middle of the room and all the clothing was shaking with fear … To this day I still can not figure out what it was: a dream or …

If OR …

I ran ahead of time to work, to share what I saw and heard with my colleagues.

Stammering, I began to talk about the night the aliens.
After the stories narrated in the accounting silence. Interrupted an elderly woman.
-That's a miracle — she said — before those who took their own lives were buried outside the gates of the cemetery and the church is not their funeral …

A year later, comes to me and my girlfriend says:

I had such a situation in life … I do not see a way out … My mother died, her husband left her for another … I am committed not want to live … I decided to cut my veins … Fill the bathtub with water, took a knife and … At that moment I remembered the story about your overnight guests … I was scared … It is terrible that is not clear to me the world I will suffer even more. Two days later I met with Sasha … Now we wait … son win situation just does not happen … If you can not fight, you just need to ride out this bad period.

I want to believe in what we do not die for ever …
That the soul after death will live … BUT we do not know that world … and invade it, no one gave us the law. If it is, the world, the people living there under the laws …

But is there a world? World where each of us gets after death?

Sofia Kazhdan

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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