The global financial system: a world in thrall to the U.S.

"Generally speaking, all Russians pay two taxes — one tax it pays to the Russian budget, and another in the same amounts it pays in the U.S. budget," — said the domestic policies, United Russia, Yevgeny Fyodorov, who for two convocations chaired the committee of the State Duma economic policy and, in his own words, he was responsible for the entire economy."If you take, for example, Russia any money bill, you will see what it says ACCOUNT BANK OF RUSSIA. If you recall the Soviet money bill first, it said state treasury notes. That is, here's this (current) paper produces not state the Russian Federation, and this is clearly written on it. This is a consequence of 1991 … this piece of paper is produced on the basis of the Constitution and the Law on the Central Bank. And output proportional to the volume of papers purchased virtual foreign currency …
That is, in order for me to pay the store a hundred rubles, the Russian economy has paid the United States face value. If we add to this the location of our respective provisions, the general system of balance of payments, credit facilities, which we do not have, that is, elements of economic sovereignty, which we do not, we'll see what we pay today about 200-300 billion dollars a year. This corresponds to a total taxation in Russia — without customs duties.
We will never solve the problem of inflation, not solving the problem of the Central Bank. For example, Hungary was trying to do, she snitched on the head. Not only are we. America won, well, most of the world. So do not think that it is our particular problem. Therefore, they use half of the GDP of the world — because it is collected from all tribute. Not just with us. "

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