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The last few years in the media and on the internet obsuzhdaetsya Zikurata topic on Red Ploschadi.Osobo this topic rasskryta online What a huge spasibo.Esli who are not familiar with this topic can be found with her Pass on sledueschey ssylke.http :/ / /

In brief:

It is a pyramid, officially called "Mausoleum Lenin. " However, in the real world, building on the Red Square is as much a "mazoleem 'as lying there Comrade Blank is" Lenin. " In fact, "mausoleum" — it is a well-known architects of the building type, which a few thousand years ago, they built the Chaldeans — the priests of ancient Babylon. As you can guess, to communism Chaldeans had absolutely nothing and built their ziggurats exclusively occult purposes.

However, if the question was only a strange form the main monument of the Soviet regime, some occult connection Bolsheviks and Chaldeans would be difficult to say, in the end, the idea of architects is no question ogranichena.Odnako Bolshevik connection with Babylon is not the external similarity of their "mausoleum" with the ancient Babylonian ziggurat. The issue is that the basis of the Chaldean ziggurat built premises (underground), which put the so-called teraphim, prepared according to the rules of magic technology mummy through which communicated, as stated in a few extant information with other worlds, guide people's minds in this world, subordinated territories. And, as we know, in the basement of the ziggurat in Red Square is also a mummy.

Thus, the question of the removal of the body, we are not the first to raise, but we are first told that mummy Blanca — is not just a coincidence, but a real teraphim, through which the impact on Russia.

Stranost zaklyuchaetsya that analysts so thoroughly versed in mythology and okultizme silent about another equally interestnoe built on the Red Square, Cathedral of Intercession of Theotokos on the Moat. The history of its construction Nemenov interestnoe mysterious and as construction of the mausoleum.

It was built on the Red Square in 1555-1561. This cathedral is considered one of the main characters is not only in Moscow but also in Russia. And it's not just the fact that it is built in the heart of the capital, and in memory of a very important event. St. Basil's Cathedral is also just incredibly beautiful.

At the spot where now adorns the cathedral, in the XVI century, there was a stone Church of the Trinity, "on the Moat." It really was a defensive ditch, which ran along the walls of the Kremlin along the Red Square. This ditch was filled up only in 1813. Now in its place — the Soviet necropolis and Mausoleum.

And in the XVI century, in 1552, the stone was buried in Trinity Church Blessed Basil, who died on August 2 (according to other sources, he did not die in 1552, and in 1551). Moscow's "Fool of Christ" Basil was born in 1469 in the village of Yelokhovo since his youth was endowed with the gift of clairvoyance, and he predicted the great fire of Moscow in 1547, which destroyed most of the capital. Blessed respected and even feared Ivan the Terrible. After the death of Basil, he was buried in the cemetery of Trinity Church (probably on the order of the king), with honors. Soon there began construction of a new grand Pokrovsky Cathedral, which later transferred the power of Basil, on whose tomb have performed miraculous istseleniya.A's historical information from the Internet in 1547 Grand-fire and the uprising in Moskve.Unichtozheny palaces of the king and the Metropolitan, the armory and many tserkvey.Nechego not like (the whole world of violence we will destroy to the ground, and then …).

The plan:

Construction of the new cathedral was preceded by a long history of building. These were years of great Kazan campaign, which gave immense importance: so far all the campaigns of the Russian troops in Kazan ended in failure. Ivan the Terrible, who personally led the army in 1552, vowed in case of successful completion of the campaign to build in Moscow on Red Square on a grand temple in memory of it. As the war, after every major victory near Trinity Church puts a small wooden church in honor of the saint on whose day the victory was won. When Russian troops returned in triumph to Moscow, Ivan the Terrible decided on a place lined up eight wooden churches put one large, stone? for ever?. authors St Basil Chronicle calls Russian architects — Faster and bartenders. There is a legend that Ivan the Terrible to see the project built upon the cathedral, was so impressed by its beauty that he ordered the architects blinded so that they could build a house anywhere else, equal in beauty Pokrovsky Cathedral. Some modern historians offer a version on which the church was the architect of one man — Ivan Yakovlevich Barma, who was nicknamed Postnik for the fact that he kept a strict fast. As for the legend of the blinding bartender and Faster, its partial denial is the fact that the name of the Faster subsequently found in the annals of the establishment of other important architectural structures.

In fact, no one really can not now say (isulyucheniem for certain groups of people) who and why to build a cathedral.

Ivan IV the Terrible (August 25, 1530, Kolomenskoye, near Moscow — March 18, 1584, Moscow), Prince of Moscow and All Russia (from 1533), the first Russian tsar (from 1547), son of Grand Prince Vasily III and Elena Vasilyevna Glinsky. is not it interestnye docking 1547 Grand-fire and the revolt in Moscow up the first Russian Tsar.

Grandmother of Ivan the Terrible, Sophia (Zoe) Fominichna Palaeologus (ca. 1440 — 04/07/1503), led. princess, wife led. Prince. Moscow Ivan III, daughter moreyskogo despot Thomas, granddaughter of the Byzantine Emperor. Manuel II, the niece of the last Byzantine Emperor two. John Constantine VIII and XI.

Approx. Sophia moved in 1465 with Fr. Corfu to Rome where he was brought up at the papal court. In 1472 she moved to Russia and married Ivan III. This marriage is the increase of international prestige as lead. Prince of Moscow, and his descendants.

Sophie has had a great influence on her husband, and the foreign policy of Russia. Some sources say that she insisted on a determined struggle against the Tatars and the overthrow of the Mongol-Tatar yoke. Sophia was actively involved in court intrigues and sought from Ivan III proclaimed heir instead of his son Basil grandson of Ivan III, Dmitry (son of Ivan the Young), which is already the wedding of the kingdom. (Obvious signs of pickup power)

There are giving about the Library of Ivan the Terrible brought his grandmother Paleologos of the Byzantine Empire, and can according to the drawings from the library was built Sobor.Tak so interesting plan of the cathedral resembles his nine Kupala Hanukkah Minoru as well as frontal (sacrificial altar) place.

So poluchaetsya that are located on the Red Square is not one but two Zikkurata.Oba postroiny were great and after the massacre, both carry the teraphim in the first case is Lenin. in the second Beatitude Basil.

The only country that could compare with the power of Egypt, was Babylon. For many centuries, among them was a struggle for world power. Outwardly, this struggle was for the political and economic leadership, that's it, and considered by many historians. But if we look at this problem more deeply and consider it in the context of the Bible, then we will reveal the mechanisms and causes of this conflict, which consisted, in fact, in the struggle for the minds of people, the power in the spiritual and religious aspects. Victory in this guarantee and the military and political victory, because ideologically inferior foe becomes a slave. That Babylon first time in history, in its very early days, and set himself the task of becoming the center of the capital of the world, its spiritual leader.

Poluchaetsya that in the world there are two companies that are occult each other centuries-old competition for the minds, souls and most importantly for the world gospodstvo.Mozhet on this it seems to me not have to endure until the mausoleum, or if you have to tear down and solve the problem with the Council, and as long as I think these two systems balance each other and one party can not operate at full moschnost.I at this point to try to build a new faith which basis should be the conscience.

Initiating Council May 9, 1989.

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