The Grid — UFO research stamped Top Secret

In fact, any country in the world has been researching UFOs paradox. But the results of these research projects, usually remain classified as "Top Secret". And in the printing problem only crumbs that is simply unrealistic to hide. At present, already it is no secret that the Soviet Union did not depart from the United States to study not normal phenomena. The Union has even developed a hidden research programm years 1978-1991, which won the title of "Grid".

The premise that the research topic not normal phenomena and the impact the state of the army, as the work of military equipment was included in the plan of research work on the dilemmas of defense, was the so-called "Petrozavodsk phenomenon" — actions that have taken place in September 1977. Recall, then appeared in the sky great Medusoid object which observed in the northern part of the Soviet Union and Finland. More impressive observations were made in Petrozavodsk, and the title came from here.

It must be said also that the development of the "Grid" was a very significant base. Scientists previously Do not abandon the problem of not normal. For example, in 1976, scientists at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR began training work on a secret investigation of unidentified objects.

In the program there were two streams: "Grid-MO" — conducting research of abnormal events and their impact on the operation of equipment and personnel, "Grid-Academy" — Research on the physical origins and principles of development of abnormal phenomena. Different sources of these flows disk imaging. Thus, the Ministry of Defence, which are the first stream of the data from the different arms, and the Academy, who oversaw the second stream — from research organizations, newspapers and magazines. It is clear that the ultimate goal of research works have been quite different.

Since work on this dilemma have been closed, the media disk imaging on them actually was not, and all the materials that concerned UFO bezotstupno recommended guide for pre-reviewed by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

In fact, things were so makarom that at least some mention in the smallest disk imaging media or on television about the ability of the existence of extraterrestrial life subjected to harsh criticism, because the creators of similar materials had virtually none of the 1st chance to publish their work.

Every 5 years, changed the title of the project: first, he wore the title of the "Grid", then there programm "Galaxy Defense", and later still — "Horizon Defense." But the configurations of the names of the essence of the project has not changed — it was like before trial to clarify the nature of UFOs.

Both streams "Nets" were closed just after the coup in August 1991. And with 2 years later, all the hidden documents which managed to collect over 13 years of the project have been sold. According to some sources, the buyer were Americans, and the customer — the CIA. It should be noted that assessed the documentation cheap, just a few thousand dollars in exchange received a description of a mysterious 400 cases, including a description of Russian combat aircraft collision with a UFO. Documents were even more, but, unfortunately, they have not survived.

To answer the question of what a project "Grid", you need to carefully examine the archives. Even the smallest amount of disk imaging, which remained after the burning and implementation, able to plunge into shock even Prof. ufologist. Surprising not only documented sightings of abnormal phenomena, and the impact they have had on the witnesses, medical examination results of people who were exposed to a UFO landing sites for research and contact with the pilots of unidentified objects that are very little resemblance to humans.

But then the question arises: why, if still in the 80 years of the last century, it was clear that a certain portion of abnormal phenomena, sometimes appearing in the atmosphere have extraterrestrial origins, so far does it take to profanity UFO topic? Completely may be that recognition of an alien life form will put an end to many scientific papers, for which previously received a decent prize, will also have to rethink many hardened postulates. Well, of course rename the project "Galaxy", for sure, was not accidental. Even then, the majority of scientists have linked the emergence of UFOs and space.

We present to your attention a few cases which have been the object of research "Grid." In June 1979, near the town of Derzhavinsk in Kazakhstan were seen machines of unknown origin, whose crews spent several days on earth, spending some research. With all of this caused no harm to people was not. According to witnesses (kids, who rested in the pioneer camp), unknown creatures had a height of more than 3 meters, and differed from each other only by the color zones. They were all slightly built, and while moving his hands stretched forward. Uniformly they were gone, like dissolved. The next day they again beheld, but on a local camp. Then the kids saw on the horizon, and something resembling a tent. When they came to the place, you just found the scorched grass. On June 26 of that year it was reported that in the area in the sky watching a luminous body.

At the scene, attended by representatives of the Interior Ministry and the KGB Russian Union. But in the course of the investigation have not been made any measurements are not taken soil samples. So Makar, nothing is certain in this case could not be determined.

Something similar happened in the process of observing another unidentified object. In June 1980, on the European part of Russia appeared glowing round object, which left a fiery trail of smoke, and then a pale blue plume, then acquired flatfish shape. Platov and Sokolov, the major participants in the project, explained to his appearance launch the satellite "Kosmos-1188" from the cosmodrome "Plesetsk", even in spite of the fact that similar phenomenon observed over South America. With all of this seems to be the case they "forget" to mention the facts of the simultaneous observation of anomalies in the different sides of the globe, as contact with the UFO 1st of particular witnesses.

In a report on the accident provides information that surveillance by unidentified phenomena had a massive temper, their story of the Capital, Vladimir, Tula, Ryazan regions, and even on the ground of Tatarstan. But the greatest interest to scholars represented Chkalovskiy area where virtually the same time, it was seen a few of abnormal phenomena: the clearance of a point object with a huge train, watching motionless dark overcast education. So Makarov, eventually, scientists have concluded that all the observed objects have abnormal temper, but to study their features do not have enough data.

Information was also provided that one of the inhabitants of the village, a student A.Vostruhin saw motionless elipsopodobny object, located above the village Solncevo. After a while the same object seen another man, Colonel V.Karyakin that vorachivalsya home. According to him, he heard a low frequency rumble, and then I saw the glowing spot. The man ran toward the object. When approaching he felt the weight of the body and weakness in the legs. When Karjakin approached the object, he slowly began to soar at an altitude of about 25 meters, he braked, and then disappeared. Lieutenant Colonel once said of his own incident commander.

To find out all the events of the case was created by a visiting team that conducted the interview with the neurologist and the medical unit. As a r
esult, it was found that at the time Karjakin was completely healthy both physically and psychologically, not in a state of shock or intoxication. In addition, no adverse effects on his body in the process of watching an object is not found.

According to scientists, the preliminary step of coming to an end because of subsequent research needed to find certain tasks. In the unlikely event the scientists simply could not carry out subsequent work. It seems that this process has been delayed: in spite of the wealth of factual and statistical material they have not managed to get the answers to the main questions concerning not normal.

And to this day remains the unanswered question, whether achieved the ultimate goal of the project? Despite the large array of unique documents, huge foreign exchange costs, huge work done, not the brain — Final Report which has placed a dot the "i".

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