The human body / The Human Body watch online

The human body / The Human Body watch online
Documentary series "Body man "- this is a very unusual and interesting story about how reality works in the human organism, the behavior of the interaction between a system and its principal organs.
The unique technology of photography with the introduction of small video cameras, introduced in body man, and the use of specially developed computer graphics, allow the astonished spectator like the inside track for the job and the basic steps of human development: from conception to birth, from infancy to youth, from puberty to old age, death and extinction.

The life story
Every moment in our body is a lot of mind-blowing majestic microevents creating a fundamentally distinctive characteristics of living matter.

Usual magic
From the moment of conception in the mother's body is run complex mechanism to support modern life that will work right up to the light of a yet another member of the human race.

First steps
For its first four years, a small man learns the most basic and important principle abilities — the ability to walk and talk capabilities without the help of others see the world around us.

Bio "revolution" that occurs in the body adolescents is similar to the South American hills controlled by hormones, transforming and body and consciousness.

The human brain
Four million years of human evolution have made his brain the most complex and mysterious object in the universe.

Years pass
From the perspective of age configurations that occur in the human body, the aging process is even more complicated and exciting than it may seem at first glance.

The mystery of death
Death — the only and unavoidable result of a person's life — carries within itself an enormous amount of mind-blowing secrets and mysteries.

The history of the creation of the television series
The final story about how special and unique technique used in the filming of the television series "Human body. "

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