The ideology of a just society

What should this society andrules of lifein it, so that they fit into the plans of Divine Hierarchy?

If we carefully examine all of the political system that existed in the world the past two thousand years (that is, from the time of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle), we realize that they all had "one-sided". They worked with the bias towards "some at the expense of other"That is, in favor of a group of persons. Now if someone will prove to you that the ideal "rules of life"Does not happen, that, well, that's the nature of man, which, allegedly, always one lived by others, just politely say goodbye to the man — before youThe Living Corpse(Selfish no place in the future.)

Let's see how it works, for example, so widespread todaydemocracy.

We argue logically. In any society — the worst is always the majority, because all at once will never do not know the correct way. And democracy — isviewthis majority. That's opinion, notKnowledge! Often, in a democracy you hear: "Ham again out of luck with the manager chose some idiot". But not in vain in the old saying:"Bad luck — often the punishment for stupidity. When the path is not clear, hold the wise and cautious — sooner or later they will find a good way out "1Most manipulation by a small group of persons with either administrative or financial resources and having access to the media — the basisdemocracy. That is why democracies are predominantly used only with the emergence of these same media. Thus giving real power to the minority. Most with this method of government is always cheated, and so dissatisfied "by the" chosen as the head some time ago. The illusion that democracy is "the power of the people" there is another reason that the vast majority of ordinary people still sometimes sees at the lowest levels of the power hierarchy of people from their inner circle. But here at the top of ordinary people do not exist. The very existence of the pyramid of power creates the illusion. The very same ruling elite of the interests of the people is the least because itnot liveamong the people, it is fenced off from a high fences and laws written for himself. This elite realizes that the crowdignorantand has noknowledge, but, due to a lack of personal qualities of administrative power openly enjoyed this advantage. And does it, sometimes without even thinking about the ethics of his or unethical way of life, because of external control is not present.

The top is also aware that, if you give the crowd will, it will always find someone to blame their misery. Therefore, when a minority government is always a need for power, punitive structures that serve only layer between one and the other and turned back to the people and entities to the rulers, because the ones paying them for protecting themselves from the sometimes irrepressible Majority. That is why such societies always contain internal security agencies (police, police), which in number, oddly enough, at times exceed the number of military personnel. That is, the powers that be are so afraid of internal disobedience they devised rules that they consider necessary to even maintain all "internal" army to prevent the mass discontent. This is another illusion leaders who think that it is generally formostthey maintain order in society by force. In fact, they keep their subordinate society, asshepherd guarding his flock, otherwise no one will milk and over whom to rule. The shepherd was originally placed himselfaboveherd, because he "elect"(Both literally and figuratively).

But think about it, if public life has been arrangedrightly, andrules of lifewould suit all, then perhaps it would require such an amount of 'Watch' for the people? If public life is arrangedrightly, it unprofitable to violate suchrules of life, because there is an awareness that all are working for the benefit of each other. Everyone looks after the order automatically, and the offender immediately becomes a pariah in the eyes of the public, and will always be in sight. When at the top of the government isdemonicentity or its appointee, he inevitably gets the opposition in the form of a criminal clan, the logic of which is iron —If the top of the mess and steal, why can not we? This vicious circle is inseparable, until the government itself will not act selflessly. But why shoulddisinterestednessin power, if the generations it climbed for personal benefit or to gratify his vanity. Interests of the people are just a cover and an issue in this "game." If a person does not have the self-control on the part of his conscience, he had "eaten" avid system environment and will be the same as that. It is tempting "sit at a trough and sip ". It is no accident at all times believed that the authorities — the biggest test for the person. And many did not pass.

The crowd, by virtue of itsignorance, hates those whose lives she does not understand, because of the fact that every mind is hostile to what is beyond his understanding. The crowd does not want to know the truth, it only wants the next sentence embezzler or bribe. The real perpetrators of the injustice she does not notice. Those taking advantage of the ignorance of the crowd, heard by their mischief and try every possible way to translate the anger of the crowd on anyone other than "a loved one." Notice none, pobyvshego in power, has never found a spirit and conscience to go to the people and to recognize their own mistakes. How many were the leaders and rulers in Russia, and they all, without exception, made mistakes. They admitted the errors? No! To admit mistakes — a lot of strong personalities Spirit. But something I do not recall that at least some of them at the end of his term came to the Red Square, bowed his head before Mother Russia and to publicly repent … compassionate people would listen to and easy, but repentance is a just and NO. Therefore, in such a form of government dissatisfaction will ALWAYS!

Problem of reasonable that, to the delight of wise men, ignorant people hard to realize their own stupidity. (Vladimir True)

Referring to outlook mentioned earlier Aristotle. His is the oldest extant classification of the types of government. He shared the types of government in thecorrectandincorrect. Wrong — to call a system under whichpersecuted private purposes rulers. And here it is difficult to disagree.

But after reading todayDemocracyrefers specificallyincorrect form(!). He probablydeeperthe current policy is a framework of governance.

However, hesympathizerdemocratic government, because he was a supporter ofslavery.

I do not because if he thoughtDemocracymost disguised form of slaveryAfter all, the best servant who has no idea about it.

I do not for the sake of it, Aristotle tried to discredit the political views of his teacher Plato, who tried to restore people's knowledge of a just society, the "Golden Age'?

Wanting to getFame and popularity, Aristotle took the path of devaluation authority of his teacher, not wanting to stay in his shadow. How does all of this resembles the modern frenzy imposed the immature souls in the form of commitment tocareerism.

About the secret (hidden) naturedemocracyknown and "God's chosen" minority. Here are the words of Rabbi Sanhedrin Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson "Russian Slav can be destroyed, but you can never win. That's why the seed subject to liquidation, and in the beginning — a drastic reduction in their numbers. Dumb Slavic ethnic group does not realize that the worst of the Nazis — the ones who had nowhere aloud not talk about it, and organize all supposedly the mostDemocraticstandards. Jewish fascism in its secrecy and power is sverhfashizmom. Multiethnic population of Slavs we deprive the national elite, which determines the development and progress of the country. And ultimately, the course of history. To do this, we will reduce their level of education. Assume there Armenians, Chechens, Gypsies, and the like. We will ensure that the governments of the Slavic countries as little as possible of the indigenous peoples, who will be replaced by our Jewish elite. In the mass media — radio, TV, press, art, literature'.

Obviously, in order to strengthen in the top of the power pyramid to impose naive Slavs another deception. Let them think that it is supposedly a democracy, they run the country, and have the power in it. Indeed, notice how cleverly designed, the general election and the candidates sort of people. But that's the trick that the best slave is one who is not aware that he is a slave.

And the thing is that in the era of global economy and the leaders controlOUTSIDE.

Most precisely this scheme supranational governance characterized M. Rothschild:"Give me control the money of the country, and I do not care who makes its laws."If society is made (by eithernonsenseorcorruption of senior management) strangers outside money to its domestic marketit becomes unimportant, as this is called the state system. All you can do the head of state in such circumstances — it balance on the edge, anticipating and avoiding overt confrontation in a stratified society as pie. There can be no harmony in the society with a bundle in income in the tens and hundreds of times. Moreover, these leaders have no real independence for fear of displeasing those polar social strata. To some extent they are a hostage situation. The cause of the reasons is — human greed.

In this situation, as long as desired and with the "foaming at the mouth" to argue about the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of "isms" and "Cratylus", but they can easily fit into the above two ways: through fear or money.

To overcome this test will only leaders who are aware of their modest place in the Divine Hierarchy. Realize that all of their thoughts and actions are controlled by God's power hierarchy, which ignores the material world because of the limitations of perception. If the leaders do not have faith in the existence of the universeHigher Justice Hierarchies, they open the door to his ignorance, in fact, equating himself with the crowd, and are easily controlled by fear or money (thatdemocracyis no less than with other forms of government).

Who possesses such qualities? Obviously — spiritual power, which is aware of its place between the secular (administrative) authority from the higher divine authority and hierarchies from the top. Most of which are neighbors of the Worlds Reveal Gods, then the Gods fame and global rules on the gods.

If this is theTrue spiritual power, To renounce it (simply because such outlook) from worldly values and material wealth isamong the common people. People have nothing to reproach such spiritual power, because it can be respected as a minimum of unselfishness. She knows the real life of the people, because it need not isolate itself from him. But if the spiritual power oversees secular power, then turn on the same feedback mechanism (which it already was), which leads to the formation of the system stability, not the imbalance. Secular (administrative) authority, facing already mundane, material cares, needs this kind of oversight, or "lost land". Imbalance also leads to stratification in society and an increase in tension on the hand that only the dark forces.

Actuallysecularpower in varying degrees, always led with an eye on the powerspiritual. But pretended to make decisions on their own. Even the most odious figures in the most primeval times aware of the presence of intangible beginning and that their earthly power is not unlimited. They listened to the opinions of prophets, monks, magicians and healers. They knew that as soon as there are people of the people and their knowledge can not be ignored, there is a certain sphere was not the highest positions. Spiritual people tend to have access to knowledge and skills, only leading a life (if it changed, then lost his talent). But in the dark periods of the history of the secular power can not officially recognize the existence of the supreme principle. Imposed on them prevails"Fat"minority self-importance on status, prestige and rankings, conceit about their "greatness" and "chosen people." That is why, under any pretext secular authorities did not recognize hundreds of facts the existence of extraterrestrial life. Otherwise, people will be a lot of questions to the government, with no chance to save it.Spiritual peopleknow this truth and unabashedly talk about it. They are not afraid of anyone's invasion, because the galaxy is ruled by our gods (gods Reveal worlds — the progenitor of the white race.)

No one can accuse the spiritual authorities of corruption, if it does not turn in the money. Spiritual power is generated from the enlightened person, andThe true spiritual identityprinciple of integrity, a man ceases to respect himself, if it drops to that. And if the "fall through" itself, then people will notice it quickly. Such a person can not blackmail the temptations (including feminine charm), because it has grown from a narrow perception of the world through the five senses, wanting only pleasure. He can not be intimidated, because such a person as anyone else realizes eternity Soul and body time. Stability of temptations — the main criterion that determines the "level" of man in his evolutionary path. Tight control of their desires, modesty, chastity and asceticism — the most valuable qualities and demonstration of such a person. Besides, the last thing a wise man will boast its own merits, because he knows that this is only a small part of the merits of the Gods.

Obviously, chooseas a democracy, these are not possible. And appointed himself such a person is also not allowed. It may fall into this category only if its character and righteous life of ordinary people deserve such recognition. That is to say, people, talking to a man, do separate it from the crowd, roughly speaking,themselves will point a finger at him.

Then, and only thenSpiritual powerhave a moral right to ask the administrator, where he has spent the people's money. Then the priority of public over private builds automatically. Then an administrator finds it shameful to do repairs on the people's money in his office before the people will not provide the conditions for normal life. Such an administrator finds shameful ride doroguschego car with a personal driver, at a time when people can not make ends meet. This administrator will feel no accountability of their actions on the part of people like him, but by incorruptible power hierarchy that starts with the powerSpiritual.

Food for the stomach comes and goes, and the spiritual has a property — only to accumulate! Therefore, people in the memory of generations retain only those for whom their souls! (Vladimir True)

If we pay attention to the current Christian church hierarchy, of any austerity, modesty and chastity had been completely out of the question. Those qualities in this denomination have the lowermost few exceptions middle classes (priests,pulling his crossin the Russian hinterland, far away from big cities.) The higher ranks of the present Christian church steeped in luxury. Look at the pomposity of the cathedral's interior and an abundance of gold. This is a clear indicator of NOspiritual, but onlymaterialpart of such a life. In addition, the Christian church has repeatedly been convicted of kommertsiolizirovannosti their activities, and the supreme hierarchy of the church live as oligarchs.

Degradation of moral values in this denomination has been predetermined by the whole course of history. That initial hype that was present at the formation of thisideology, eventually led to its degradation. And now the church is built in the World mechanism of monetary control without a chance to clear, unless collapse and starts with the basics. The likelihood that any of this faith can on their moral qualities enter into the future the number of spiritual leaders — is very low, but still exists.

The main difference of the spiritual leader of the secular that they are aware ofperishability of the material WorldandStupiditywith which people fill their own pockets. As popular wisdom, "No pockets in a coffin". A good example of such awareness has become a way of life of Alexander the Great, the level of wealth and unlimited power is not even dreamed of today's oligarchs, but already for 32 years understood theessential wisdom(As opposed to white-haired current leaders, the rich and self-seekers of all kinds of cut).

Rules of life in which there is nofearproperty loss or blinkeredmoneymode of existence — that isIdealrules zhizni.1

So, here are the idealALogy for the formation of suchrules of life. Where the etymology of the word is formed by adding the word ideal — the perfect embodiment of something, that is the ultimate goal of activity, aspirations — and the words IdaAboutLogy — a system of views, ideas that characterize a social group. The only difference is that the connection with the letter is the letter "A". First, it restores historical justice, for the practice of the distortion of the Russian language at the time led to the loss of the original image by replacing in the writing of the letter "A" with the letter "O". Secondly, the word is involved Turkic rootAL(Meaning — God). Another interpretation occurring root "AL"- Means -" supreme ", the word" ality "- respectively — a manifestation of the higher energy world law. (In particular, using the same root is a Muslim "AlLach, "which also means — God).

Society, led by the idealALogiey enough is divided into four divisions, or way of life. And there is no strict boundaries. The very scale is not shared by the people, but it gives an idea of the stages of the Spirit. All four classes are necessary and complementary. As an example, in the human body: the head, arms, torso and legs have different functions, but at the same time, we understand that this is a single, integrated organism. All classes, in fact, are in the samestairway to heaven2but at different steps. This only emphasizes that everyone has the opportunity to grow in this way, but we're a little scattered birth.

A man came to the material world, from birth has the wisdom and the level of knowledge, so it goes through the stage of formation:education, knowledge, wisdom, renunciation.

It is normal for aparent help downstream. Unlikewrongthe rules of life, wherehigher parasitic on lower.

For example, in the eastern philosophical patterns of this division into classes: Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. In ancient Slavonic it was of a similar division: the clergy, knights, and knowest stinks. When applied to the aforesaid termsSpiritual Power— Is the clergy (similar to the body — this is the head company). Administrative authority — it heroes, leaders (managers, both civilian and military) (projected on the body — is a hand). Business owners of all levels are responsible for the means of production of wealth — is Ves (the body of society). And the support of the whole society, his feet, the largest class — the workers, that is, those who directly produce wealth. But all classes are equal before the divine. How, for example, the king — a servant of God and the janitor — a servant of God. All run the same way —education, knowledge, wisdom, renunciation.

In this sense,Spiritual Power— IsConsciencesociety, because it has reached the level ofrenunciationof material goods. No salary for their work this class of priests is not entitled to receive, or become dependent on someone. It can only accept gifts of people — as gratitude for the benefits that it brings to society. But because their outlook is ascetics, they are able to self-sufficient in all the minimum necessary and often gifts are spent for the benefit of members of the same (for example, the construction of the temple).


Your attention was a fragment of the book "The great secret of life" by Vladimir Borisenko.

The book is in final just a week ago and have not yet been published, but the author has kindly provided an electronic version of the book for visitors to the portal

Abstract:This book is not really a book — a portal, passing through which you become a real friend. But to become a wise and enlightened you just reached the exit, that is, having read it completely. According to the complexity of the issues involved book simply unique. The author managed to organize and consistently explain the wide range of knowledge, including science, faith and religion, the legacy of their ancestors, conscience and patriotism, the ideology of a new society based on this fundamente.Eta book is really not a book — a portal, passing through which you become really others. But to become a wise and enlightened you just reached the exit, that is, having read it completely.

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