The military situation in Belarus? Conference in Warsaw

In Warsaw, in the Diet building hosts conference "The military situation in Belarus How it happened and what's next?"

The conference, whose purpose — to introduce the Polish and the international community that the situation in Belarus after the elections, the participation of deputies of the Polish parliament, representatives of public organizations, as well as guests from Belarus — relatives of political prisoners, members of staffs of independent presidential candidates, social activists, Human rights activists and politicians.

Among them — Julia Bondarenko (The daughter of Dmitri Bondarenko) Darya Korsak (Wife of Alexander Otroshchenkov) leader of the movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich, Ex-Prime Chigir, Chairman of the intelligentsia Vladimir Kolos, representative of the party "Fair World" Valery Uhnalou, human rights activist Ales Bialiatski.  

To the audience, opening the meeting, asked Speaker of the Polish Sejm Grzegorz Shetyna:

"I wish you never give up. This is the most important in the struggle for a free and independent Belarus, for that Belarus could live a normal life and be part of a common Europe. Wishing you all the best and win!"

Mr. Shetyna promised democratic forces in Belarus every possible help and support.

At the conference were also invited Milan Michalevic and Tatiana Seviarynets, however, the car in which the wife was driving Ales Mikhalevich intercepted near Baranovichi yes eskartavali back to Minsk, and the mother of Paul Sevyarinets authorities seized the passport.

After the conference, the Belarusian guests are invited to a meeting in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.

The conference is organized Belsat TV channel, radio Ratsia, by the "freedom and democracy" as well as the Center for Eastern Studies, Warsaw University, where Belarusian students studying on the program Kalinowski.


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