The mysterious ranch in Utah


At the gate of the estate you will meet the inscription: "Stay away!" Do you think the owners are afraid of robbers or unsociable? You are sadly mistaken! In the last 15 years it has exciting events unfold, the story is more reminiscent of sci-fi movie than reality. And yet — it's true!

It all started in 1994 when the American farmer named Terry Sherman bought an abandoned ranch in Utah and settled there with his family. When the new owners have brought the house furniture, they suddenly approached a huge wolf. The beast came very close, so that people feel the smell of dog. Scared Terry shot an intruder with a gun, but the wolf did not even budge. The owner took two more shots. The animal backed away, but it seems no bullet does not hurt … it was only after the sixth shot the wolf ran off and disappeared from sight.

In the spring of 1995 over the house began to appear mysterious objects. So, Gwen Sherman watched triangle hovering in the air, flashing lights, and her husband — a silver disc in his eyes disappeared inside the mountain range. And around the ranch continued to roam the mysterious animals — not werewolves, not phantoms. Once in front of Terry and Gwen a low, muscular creature with a bushy red hair and a bushy tail came down on a horse. When the owners tried to intervene, the predator vanished into thin air. On his feet horses were numerous claw marks.

Then they began to disappear pets. One night, missing all six cats that lived in the house. Then came the turn of cattle. One morning the farmer were missing one of the cows — its traces were broken off in the middle of a snow-covered field. Another cow was found dead. On her rump someone cut a hole width of 15 cm and depth of 60 cm and a single drop of blood!

Meanwhile, the county began to say that this ranch has long been reputed to be a bad place. Ute Indians claimed that it is on the "path of the werewolf." Of course, white people had no idea that we can not build anything.

Sherman almost desperate: their life became unbearable, and wanting to buy the ranch for more or less acceptable price was not. As long as the eerie wonders are not interested in the hotel magnate, multimillionaire Robert Bigelow. Millionaire bought a ranch in Sherman for 200 thousand dollars. However, he made an agreement with the former owners. In fact, they were co-owners of the farm can continue to breed cattle there. The only condition — they had to support researchers who are invited here Bigelow. They were members of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science, studying anomalous phenomena, as well as police officers, whose task is to collect evidence. A research team led by biologist Colm Kelleher.

Ranch surrounded by a high fence, across the set and other video surveillance equipment. And researchers diligence was rewarded. Once Kelleher was able to see the sky glowing balls. But another scientist said in night vision binoculars silently flying object. He flew in from the north, described the loop over the observation point on the ranch and turned and sped away in the opposite direction. Alas, the UFO somehow not allowed to shoot himself in the film: they arose there, where at that time were not aimed the camera as if she could read people's minds.

One night on the ranch appeared dim light. Through binoculars could see a "tunnel" with a diameter of about 1.2 m on it moves the black humanoid creature. When it is "passed" in his own world, "tunnel" narrowed and disappeared. The device did not record any anomalies. And only one of the camera shots filmed imprinted weak diffuse glow …

The study lasted 10 years, and during that time the inhabitants of the ranch had a chance to see a lot of interesting things. But almost no documentary evidence of the phenomena could be obtained. As unable to answer the question: what kind of power wielded by "hellish ranch?"

Margarita Trinity

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