The mystery of the fifth dimension


Olga Bachmann


The project on the study of dark energy in the world are working just twelve people, two of them — the scientists of the Institute of Space Research. According to experts, the discovery of the nature of dark energy, a revolutionary vision of the world will change. May prove the existence of the fifth dimension.

Scientists have confirmed that the universe is not only expanding, but expanding with acceleration. The reason — the dark energy. Although the word "dark" is more accurate to say "invisible." It is not yet available for observation. The universe began to expand, by the standards of scientists recently, seven billion years ago. Astrophysicists believe that dark energy fills almost the entire universe.

"We already know how the world works: 4% are baryons, 25% of the density — is dark matter. Else attribute dark energy", — said Mikhail Pavlinsky, Deputy Director for Research of the Institute of Space Research.

Revealing the nature of dark energy, scientists will be able to dramatically change the vision of the world, even to prove the existence of a fifth dimension. Today it is considered that there are four dimensions — three spatial and one temporal. Discover another dimension of space is very important for fundamental science.

If we look at an ordinary optical telescope, hardly make out anything — only in X-rays. In the scale of the universe, scientists have found that acts as anti-gravity. Anti-Gravity — a state of dark energy inside. For its repulsive.

"For example, we have thrown up an apple. But instead of falling down, it would fly up. And not just up, but with a more accelerated pace," — said Alexey Vikhlinin, a leading researcher at the Institute of Space Research.

Completed the first phase of the study of the universe. To the extent necessary studied 86 of the most massive clusters of galaxies. All of them — at different distances from the Milky Way, where our planet. Some of the galaxy — a distance of billions of light years. An attempt to observe the dark energy and matter are now making in Switzerland, where in the spring of this year, plans to launch again Hadron Collider.

"It may well be that not everything can be repeated with accelerators that are actually doing in the wild nature at an early stage of its development," — said Arkady Galper, director of the Institute of Space Physics.

The next step — the study does not tens or hundreds of thousands of space objects. This requires a powerful X-ray equipment. Russian and German scientists are now working on the creation of "Spectrum-X-Gamma." It will be the perfect space observatory in the next decade.

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