The natural wealth of the Russian Federation: the burden and majestic gift

The natural wealth of Russia: a heavy burden and a great gift

In the depths of our country are kept untold supplies of raw materials and energy resources: ore, coal, oil and gas. On many of the supplies of fossil Our home in a couple of times ahead of nearest rivals of their own. RF fortunate enough to have the world's largest supplies of gas — the 1st of the main modern energoelementov. The natural wealth of our country is so vast that to see them in any equivalent just does not seem likely.

It would seem that we still need? Can not we feed, drink, wear and heat the whole world, hoping for a comfortable existence not only of their own and their babies, and great-grandchildren for generations to come? "What places, what a great territory, what a rich country "- shout foreigners, for the first time getting acquainted with Russia. But whether we are rich in substance? More precisely, can we consider our property guarantee of our serene existence?

Take a look at the map Russian Federation. First, what is meant by a person more or less familiar with the geography — is that more than two thirds territory of Russia are areas that are unsuitable not only for agriculture, and other activities. North Urals and Western Siberia, Yakutia and the Krasnoyarsk Krai, Far Eastern regions — this is not heaven on earth, and so called "world refrigerator." It is in this "world refrigerator" and the main focus of wealth RFOil, gas, coal, wood, ore, gold and diamonds. For those who have ever been to pyatidesyatigradusnom cold or felt on my own skin a real snowstorm, piles hammered into an endless permafrost or railing on swamps and bogs, no need to explain how complex these regions for at least some development as from the standpoint of both climate and from the standpoint of relief.

The extreme complexity of resource development, multiplied by the very low population density, long since put many regions of the North and our last Far East on the brink of total devastation. And the lack of population, as you know, raises the question of the loss of state control over the territory and makes it likely that its conquest (in this case, the obvious lesson) in other states. As they say, the holy place is never empty: on the empty land at some point come to the new settlers, and in their hands is not necessarily a tool, as they wage war with anyone not have to. A striking example of such type is the conquest of the Chinese expansion to the north of their borders. It's completely natural process. His presence or absence at the moment is a lot of controversy, but the fact of repeated advantage of Chinese living on the south bank of the Amur River on the Russian people living on the north shore — there is.

So, like any ordinary words sounded the need of development of Siberia and Far East, to say they need to be as often as possible, with all this really is better that these words are not a sprawling affairs.

Amidst all the debate about what "property RF will grow with Siberia "is the real deal and was pleased today's government, which, though not without a bit of pre-election hype and pretentious, but it started the other day. It is the continuation of the construction of the railway line that will link the largest region of Russia — Yakutia with the Trans-Siberian Railway, and the end of his principal area that connects the village of Berkat that at BAM, with the Lower Bestyahom, located just 15 kilometers from any of Yakutsk.

In the middle of recent statements regarding the development of Siberia and the Far East, it is necessary to highlight the initiative and the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky on the implementation of the entire Far East duty-free areas of the economy, which was entered in the electoral program from the party. That would not be read as opponents of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, calling him a populist proposal, we can not accept the fact that it is quite sensible and entirely feasible. Zhirinovsky's proposal in particular the burning not only from the standpoint of retention of the remaining population in the region, which buys bread for 50 rubles for a loaf, often just to make ends meet, and there verbovaniya immigrants from Europe and the Russian Federation Russian citizens from CIS countries wishing to freely develop their own business, taking advantage of a tremendous wealth of this region.

No other country in the world had to face the need to maintain such a broad and so little use for the life of the countryside. What is of little use to, our people cope with this, there is no hesitation in this, but with the vast area and it is even more difficult.

It seems to be a lot we did talk about the fact that he never Muscovite or from St. Petersburg will not go voluntarily to Magadan or to Sakhalin — it's just words. People are not always driven by coercion alone. Create preferences for people migrating to Far East absolutely necessary. Own prison labor Kolyma gold we do not pan out, the enthusiasm of the new members of the Komsomol BAM we no longer build. And one of the Chukchi miracle proplacheny from the pocket of 1 person and we can not do. We'll have to invent something new, in the unlikely event Trans-Siberian Railway in Yakutia can not be extended.

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