The network has the picture of the modernized Russian tank T-72B


In recent months, Russian media have repeatedly reported that the crew of the Southern Military District received modernized tanks T-72BM. Many puzzled over what it represents, this modification of the legendary Russian military machine. It sometimes even led to curious incidents.
And now the picture of the tank can be seen. But what is surprising: not some electronic edition that is relevant to the defense ministry, and on the blog of outstanding Russian athlete and just a beautiful woman, we all adored Natalie Ragozina. In its report on the visit to "native land" in one of the capitals of world tank-Nizhny Tagil Natalia posted a photo report, which just lit up the updated "semdesyatdvoyka."
Externally, this tank is different from his version of the T-72BA, which was relatively large quantities in the Russian army, above all, the fact that the order in place of outdated night sight installed one of the best sights the world — Belarusian "Sosna-U." This sight has been successfully tested and showed good results on tests not only in Russia but also abroad, particularly in India. It is installed on the upgraded T-72M1M, tank support combat vehicle "Terminator", the newest T-90ms.


Compared with the established in the T-72B long-outdated sight-rangefinder TPD-K1 and sight-guidance device 1K13-49 "Neman", "Sosna-U" has a much high-performance detection and defeat the purpose. Equipped for thermal "Pine-U" is not afraid, not only in the darkest night, but smokescreens with fog. If the first tank guided missiles could lay only with short plants, with a new eye can beat tours in stride.
Cheaper and easy going (for mass production in the Soviet era) "Neman" was used as a night sight stabilized with very limited features or a missile guidance device. As a result, he had more than Skoromnov possibilities for action in the dark.
To improve the chances of the night, in the so-called active mode, you need to illuminate the target with spotlight illuminator, which unmasks a strong military machine to enemy observation devices. The device is very sensitive to stray light from the firing of weapons, all kinds of interference. That is, the T-72B had significant limitations for fighting at night and for a long time do not meet modern requirements.
The same applies to the sight TPD-K1. Created on the basis of optical, it is now considered quite primitive. He has a very limited viewing angle, and there is one unpleasant feature: during automatic loading tank gun gunner loses the ability to conduct target detection. It has played a negative role, for example in Chechnya, the rebels knew such a feature of the tank and used it in every possible way.
Once again, during the Soviet years, the T-72 deliberately set extremely simple and very cheap compared to the sights of the same T-80B and T-80U sight. Then this lack of Ural tanks eliminated. So there was a T-90.
Sight "Sosna-U" is equipped with the so-called automatic target tracking. This option is currently only possess the most advanced model of the western tanks, for example, no such machines to "Abrams" neither Leopard-2. And because of this, pointing missiles can be carried out, in fact, in the automatic mode. Gunner only needs to find the target.
By the way, the commander of the updated "semdesyatdvoyki" has the opportunity duplication gunner — to shoot out of a cannon and hit by rockets, both day and night.
With the installation of V-92S2 engine capacity of 1 million HP increased mobility characteristics. The tank was replaced by a radio station. As a result, compared with conventional T-72, many characteristics of the tank increased substantially.
However, it is surprising that the place where once stood the illuminator is not covered ERA. Again, the military saved? Most likely, it is. There was, apparently, the problem is strictly meet the allotted sum of modernization. And so, instead of a new dynamic protection "Relic" is installed on the tank old "Contact-5", which is not quite meet current demand.
It would be desirable, however, to believe that in the near future, DoD will not skimp on protection of main battle tanks. Because it affects the lives of our defenders of the Fatherland.

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