The newcomers tend to China


Eyewitnesses make stunning images in which the details are seen alien ships. Experts find out how all these materials are true.

Skeptics are reminded that China — a world center of all possible fakes. But local ufologists in no doubt and know exactly why it is in their country seeking aliens.

Report of Paul Spirin

Footage that shocked China. Unidentified flying object almost scraping the bottom of the roofs of the city of Wuhan in the south of China. It is as if waiting for something. Then — a blinding flash, and again the clear sky.

This — not a star and no airplanes. Seven bright spots over the island of Hainan on closer inspection turned out to be correct balls. They always shone and rotated. When there was another one, the whole structure was lost in the clouds. And then it happened, that the author of amateur footage nearly fell into a swoon.

If it is — not a computer assembly and test of the new top-secret weapons, then there is only one reasonable explanation: the aliens.

Sun Shili, ufologist, "In 2008, we in China have recorded 328 cases of UFO sightings and surprised. This is — 10 times more than in 2007."

Chinese ufologists have given these facts politically seasoned comment. At its annual meeting, they stated: China claims the leading position in the world, and thus became interesting newcomers.

Since it does not agree ufologist Sun Shili, a leading Chinese expert on flying saucers. Aliens, I'm sure he does not need China itself, but that is on its territory. More precisely, the ancient stone discs, which were found in 1937 in Guangxi province and now allegedly kept in a secret base of the Ministry of Defense of the PRC.

A disc like a gramophone record. More precisely, an incomplete copy of it. Now — the most popular souvenir at antique markets in China. However, unlike the original, there is no double groove, which should extend from the center to the edge of the spiral. And the most amazing fakes are no properties.

Archaeologists have grooved to print the letter. His stunned the Chinese transcript: it turns out 12,000 years ago in these parts crashed alien aircraft.

One of the hypotheses associated with the visit: the crew of a UFO in Guangxi to be descendants. Opinion UFO: most likely, they are the modern midgets and dwarfs. After all, the aliens were small, yellow-skinned humanoids no higher than a meter.

The Chinese are willing to believe. Many even consider: aliens, as before, living among us, taking human form.

Zhu Min, the designer of UFOs: "I made a flying saucer, to prove that UFOs — as much a part of our being, like everything else."

Mr. Zhu aircraft like a toy. It flashes bright, quickly gaining altitude, freezes and turns sharply. The only question to which the designer has no answer: if those who create real UFOs do exist, then why do not they go out to the people?

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