The phenomenon of sudden omniscience

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At fifteen, she had the gift of clairvoyance

Her life was a lot of mystery about her telling things that are hard to explain. The creator of the Theosophical Society, author of occult and mystical works, "The Secret Doctrine" and "Isis" that conquered Conan Doyle and Scriabin, Gauguin and Sibelius, Helena Blavatsky — the magician, psychic, writer …

Glimpses of DARA

Helena Petrovna was born August 12, 1831 at Ekaterinoslav (now Dnepropetrovsk). Her father was an artillery officer, and his mother — a talented writer, Belinsky even called it the "Russian George Sand." But the hardships of life officer's wife undermined fragile health, his mother died, and was brought up by my grandmother a little Lelia — Princess Dolgoruky. Brilliantly educated lady girl taught five languages, mineralogy, physics … At Lely was considerable talent, while the child was a nervous, sensitive, prone hallucinations.

At fifteen, she had the gift of clairvoyance: tell that Helen even sought out criminals who had been unable to find the police, saw the riddles of the past, Nostradamus would she just jealous! The residents spoke of it with curiosity and dread. Mother had to intervene, and in 17 years young smutyanku married the 38-year court counselor, vice-governor of Erivan Nikifor Blavatsky. Suppose, say, the husband calms her fantasy and hysterical prophecy. But there it was! Elena ran away from her husband: just sat in Odessa on a British ship, coming to Constantinople. By vague information, there she became a famous magician's assistant, and then moved to Egypt …

Years of wandering

Further life Blavatsky written in italics. Elena then appeared at home, then again for a long time to disappear. One can only wonder and marvel at how, in the middle of the XIX century, a woman without a lot of money, has traveled almost the whole of Europe, Asia, Egypt, North and South America.

In the 1860s, Blavatsky was an employee of Hume — the famous spirit of the time. She also gave piano concerts in London and Paris, and became famous by the name of Madame Laura. In general, the legend around her name more than facts. And because each certificate is precious. As this is left by her famous relative, Witte, future Minister of Finance of Russia: "In all these twists and turns over, probably about ten years of her life, and finally she begged permission to visit his grandfather in Tiflis Fadeev, promising to come together again with her real husband — Blavatsky. And while I was still a boy, I remember it at the time, when she came to Tbilisi, she was an elderly woman, and not as a person, as a rough life. Her face was very expressive, it was evident that she was very pretty before, but as time went extremely stout and always in the hood, little engaged its special, but because no appeal had. But in that time, she almost brought to mind various part of the Tiflis Society seance, which was doing in our house. "


But her dream was Tibet, where secrets are hid all the wisdom of the East. The records Blavatsky are mentions about a "mysterious Hindu", which she called "Guardian". This man appeared to her in a dream, and then — oh, miracle! — The day of his twentieth, August 12, 1851, in London, she met a spiritual master El Moriya, which recognized "Indian" out of his reverie. He told her to follow the East, and she rushed to North India, where she studied languages, Sanskrit literature, the works of the great sages. There she lived for 15 years. But did not reach its main goal — could not get in the Tibetan Himalayas. This will happen later, the dream will come true, but to talk about this seven-year period of the life of "a magnificent Helen" did not like, but it was after Tibet in Blavatsky was a change that was so struck by all who met her … From the "clever poseur" she turned to the wise , stately lady, though fairly podurnevshuyu externally. She showed up in the world in 1873: New York suddenly everyone was talking about the "Russian lady" with phenomenal abilities. It became fashionable to visit her occult seances at which it causes the air some sounds similar to the sound of crystal bells, disable electrical devices without touching them, finally, read the letters in unopened envelopes. Today it would be called a psychic, and then … Then a miracle! Even complained in 1878 an American citizen: it is, by the way, was the first Russian woman — a U.S. citizen.

She formed many friends and supporters who helped with the organization of the Theosophical Society (Theos — «God», sophia — «wisdom"). It was recorded September 7, 1875. They proudly called themselves — divinely wise!


The founders of the company has three objectives: 1) to achieve universal human brotherhood, and 2) the study of Eastern wisdom, world religions and sciences, distribution and study of Aryan and other Eastern languages, and 3) the study of unexplained laws of nature. That's about all that Helen wrote a gigantic work. Her sister once exclaimed: "I wonder at what has happened to her knowing better the phenomenon of sudden and profound scholarship, fell down on her from heaven, far more than all the miracles that are ascribed to her fans." Is there an explanation to this puzzle? Blavatsky herself source of his knowledge was of Teachers. They supposedly opened her eyes hidden from ordinary mortals treasury of human wisdom: "… in front of me are paintings, ancient manuscripts, the number, I just write off and so easy to write, it is not work, but great fun …" Indeed, reading it " Secret Doctrine "by surprise: how such an amount of diverse information? Besides writing Helena Petrovna book in English, which she knew to put it mildly, not very good … In this work combined history and myths, poetry and physical formulas. To do this kind of work would require, perhaps, the whole staff of the research institute.

Inconclusive VERDICT

In 1882 for health reasons, she was forced to go to Europe, and at this time in India, a campaign on charges of fraud Blavatsky. Helena Petrovna rushed there to restore his good name, and the people greeted her with honors, but the shock and resentment made themselves felt — she was seriously ill. 'Wounded lioness "began to torment and London: Society for Psychical Research (SPR) convened a special committee to investigate the activities of Blavatsky. Richard Hodgson, a member of the committee, in its report, has branded it as "one of the most accomplished, ingenious, and interesting impostors in history!"

Since then, the war supporters and opponents of the lady does not stop. You know, the point in the "case of Blavatsky" is not set up! Her supporters have made another move in 1986: Society for Psychical Research in London issued a press release intended for leading newspapers and magazines UK, Canada and the U.S., which revealed the title: "According to a new study, Madame Blavatsky was wrongly convicted." Yet the authority it has always been high, shows a secret — in the charm of remarkable intelligence and fanatical belief in their cause.

E.B.Blavatskaya with a group of like-minded people. Adyar, 1884

She died on May 8, 1891 in London, surrounded by the adoration and respect. Her body, according to his will, and burned, and the ashes were divided into three parts: for London, New York and Adyar, where the date of her death is still celebrated as the Day of the White Lotus.

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