The premises on which Kyrgyzstan is not taking the Customs Alliance

Reasons for not taking Kyrgyzstan into the Customs UnionAfter the speeches Kyrgyz favorite Atambayev that our homeland is not paid extra to Kyrgyzstan for the introduction of the airfield at Kant, and that for Russia, this air base could be closed forever, it seems, the authorities of Kyrgyzstan it is a kind of sobering. Thus, nedavneshney meeting Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan Omurbek Babanov with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev suddenly discovered that virtually no money claims official Bishkek and Moscow has not much, even going to join the Customs alliance. With all this Babanov even confirmed that Kyrgyzstan own way (of course, getting into a vehicle) is elected, and only adjust the time interval of the merits of the final Fri way.

And now to the members of the Customs Union (Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus), the question arises: to take or not to take … in other words, whether to provide Bishkek reliable guarantees that Kyrgyzstan has recently become a full member of the TC on the same principles that govern the country, He already included.

On the one hand it may seem followed: but what, he says, is to think, of course, necessary to provide such guarantees Kyrgyz management, otherwise … And as a "different" supporters of the idea immediately of joining a customs union leads about the subsequent reason: the same Hon Almazbek Atambayev which often allows for themselves in foreign policy, "throwing heart", in the event of failure of Moscow, Minsk and Astana may declare its rapprochement with the Yankees. In other words, the president Kyrgyzstan Yankees offer to stay at a military base in "Manas" and after 2014 (after the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan.) But now — they say proponents immediate convergence — Atambayev yet still continues to talk about the fact that "Manas" the Yankees will have to transfer to a particular use of Bishkek. But Kyrgyz President of what distinguishes it most unusual way can directly send their own representatives to Moscow to agree to join in Kyrgyzstan Customs Alliance and at the same time maintain a typical dialogue with the United States that is, say, certain conditions under which the "Manas" may remain a South American.

So now, these "certain conditions" may be the reincarnation of the base in "Manas", which is now, as an object in Ulyanovsk, bears the title of the Transit Center NATO GMTU. Under this terrible acronym hides some civilian international transport hub, which, can be deployed at Manas. Incidentally, the South American side in the person of Robert Blake (Assistant Secretary) said that, despite the withdrawal of its own troops out of Afghanistan, and would like to retain the "Manas". Apparently, the parties will now practice in the kind of title that object come up with to confirm that it has the American people in uniform or in civilian did not cause concern, say, Moscow (well, if outlook Moscow in this plan at all someone is going to take into account …)

In principle, you can try as many incriminating sovereign Atambayev is that he's going to play two cards (Moscow and Washington) to extract benefits for Kyrgyzstan, but we must not forget that we have our own Achilles' heel in the form of TSC NATO in the town of Ulyanovsk … If Moscow can read about the "Ulyanovsk profit," why can not we talk about "profit Manas" Kyrgyz authorities?

In this connection, the desire to make money on trivial Atambayev for the Yankees in Central Asia (although salting McFaul all and urged that such a thing as "U.S. interests" — a made-up thing in general) can not cause negative by definition. "Ulyanovsk syndrome 'ability to capitalize on American shipping — as it turns out, the thing is contagious … and from someone who really grasped this infection (or Moscow to Bishkek Bishkek from Moscow), you can argue very long.

But if so, it turns out that the acceptance or rejection of Kyrgyzstan to the Customs Alliance — something that is far from the political agenda. The main thing that can be a barrier to entry of this country into the union in what is already composed of Belarus, Kazakhstan and our homeland, so this is purely economics. And it must be admitted, in Kyrgyzstan, while obviously very far from even the average characteristics of the Customs Union.

But Customs alliance — It's still an organization that aims to razbyurokratizirovat (as in today's reality may be) a system of mutual trade, and therefore a common customs space, as it were, by definition, must go for the good. There is truth and there own aspect: the simplification of customs procedures with the same Kyrgyzstan, according to experts, can lead to an even greater influx of migrants from Central Asian countries, such as Russia. With all due respect to Kyrgyzstan, while the standard of living here is even lower than in at least some of the 3 states of the Customs Union, and the means can work traditional law: people at removal of customs barriers can just go back to where life is better. But we must not forget also that Kyrgyzstan is now in almost all reports There is as thorough staging point for Afghan heroin (and that the Manas base here may play a role.) And get another narkoistochnik, besides in self winding up barriers for drug trafficking through the terrain of Kyrgyzstan — this is a matter that causes real concern.

Apparently, the economy and drug trafficking, and there are those Background, on which the present occurrence of Kyrgyzstan into the Customs Union has been postponed. But as they say, the Kyrgyz authorities decided there and take the initiative. So, last week he Omurbek Babanov, who had a meeting with Dmitry Medvedev, decided to make a radical treatment in the Kyrgyz Federal Drug Control Service. Own posts immediately lishis several senior drug police Vitaly Ozoraliev (SDCS head of Kyrgyzstan), Damir Sagynbaev and Daniar Otorbaev (both — Vice Ozoralieva). It is reported that the control over the activities of the Federal Drug Control Service has been charged more than a year back by Atambayev, and during that time managed to learn unpleasant side of the top managers SDCS. However, it should be noted that they themselves laid off said that they were removed from office only on the basis of gossip enemies. In general, heresy and provocation … Well, what else could they say neuzh something that the protection racket of drug trafficking through the area of Kyrgyzstan and was part of their earnings …

In general, for all the irregularities of Moscow's relations with the official Bishkek, we can expect that the "road map" will lead to the fact that Kyrgyzstan was all the same will be the fourth member of the Customs Union. Well, that would be poured out in this connection — this is the question … The main thing that ultimately Customs alliance not turned into an analogue of the Eurozone, where the occurrence was brought to the fact that the authorities of certain European countries already do not know how out of this "zone of special regime" insolvent comrades "soft ask" …

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