The President expects diplomatically Services topical analysts. Rehashing of the Internet, it is not exciting

The president expects from the diplomatic services of the actual analysts.  "Rehashing of the Internet," he was not interested

Dmitry Medvedev Russian diplomats claimed by providing it with an exciting and freshest disk imaging, and not "rehashing of the Internet" (information RIA "News").

The other day, days of the diplomatic employee, at a meeting with the staff of the Foreign Ministry in Gorki, Medvedev said: "Every day I read your summary. And every day at my desk — brand new information. But I will not deny that there is always hunt to get a burning, exciting, the latest information, and not just a rehash from the Internet or other media, which are publicly available. " President stressed that it wishes to relate to the outside and intelligence services, and other departments that prepare analyst.

President Russia, along with those called Ministry Foreign Affairs extensive use Web — namely, the social network. The President believes that it is required to explain the foreign policy of the Russian Federation. He said he did not have smuschyatsya the fact that social networks do not have enough depth. And let there "an endless stream of verbal abuse of any kind of genre", anyway, by the views of the President, in these networks, following the example zabugornyh colleagues to "hold our line."

Diplomats to work in the criteria of a rapidly changing world, Medvedev highlighted. Because he saw the head of the country, you need to constantly consider the actions in the international arena, it is necessary to predict the course of events. Awareness of what is happening inside the country was also emphasized by the president.

Dmitry Medvedev said that in November 2011, he signed a decree "On the coordinating role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to conduct a common foreign bands Russian Federation." This decree is aimed at mobilizing the respective faculties, as it contains a clear list of options and obligations of the Foreign Ministry. President said that he wished to appeal to the leaders of other ministries that during the foreign policy actions should also be controlled by this decree. D. Medvedev expressed the wish that "we were all inside the 1st trend, no one involved in amateur."

The Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in turn, assured the President that the Foreign Ministry will continue to pay great attention to increasing the efficiency of its own activities. Lavrov said that the attention of top management obliges the country to much ministry, also imposes additional responsibility — "on condition that our work is very mobilized intelligence, creativity and excellent work by developing legacy predecessors" (end of quote).

Sergey Lavrov expressed his gratitude to the president for decisions in the near future decisions on the dilemmas of diplomatic service and to improve the social guarantees for diplomats, including the increase of pensions to veterans of the diplomatic service.

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