The president gives a signal to the army officials

The president gives a signal to the army officialsAfter spending a short time in President Putin reshuffle in Russian Government (since the resignation of the Ministry of Regional Development Oleg Govorun), began to form the idea of the concept of a new president.

Even before the arrival of Vladimir Putin's third presidential term, many have expressed the idea that if a candidate Putin longs to capture more sympathy on the part of Russian society, he would have in a certain way to rebuild the relationship to the political system. Such candidate even have given specific status "Putin 2.0", implying the need for a new level of public policy — policy that at least some political, speak out so that the authority can be torn down if the person holding that office or the municipal, superior to their job opportunities and frankly gets in the way of corruption.

And, apparently, Vladimir Putin, who really decided to do a kind of manual reconfiguration of the peremptory system in Russia. The fact that the permutations of a string of the last few days and weeks — is far not the Yeltsin waving his sword, when eventually changed ministers and chairmen of the Government as a kaleidoscopic patterns and chaotic bustle without bringing positive results, and sometimes led to an even greater imbalance in Municipal mechanism. Putin acts more cautiously and with all this only works preventively isolating mechanism of municipal those managers who have proven themselves, to put it mildly, is not fully effective.

Supporters Fishing season behold the president's actions in a collated component at which the resignation conducted in a Makarov that they do not destroy made the political system, and lead to its recovery. Fishing season in this case can be compared with an experienced doctor which decided on a fairly complex operation that may initially worsen the condition even more of a "sick", but later — in the coming future — can lead to a healthier body.

Critics of President Putin's actions to behold the compulsory desire to get rid of "their people", which is very far gone in particular, in terms of the critics themselves, concealment and connivance on the part of the highest authorities of the country. But if we consider this point of view, it turns out that Putin would be subjected to by the liberal forces heavily criticized in any way. Would leave in place of Ministers, departments which are very often appear in terms of the corruption schemes — have declared that Putin continues to stew in its own juice, not to wash dirty linen in public, and that covers everyone and everything in the middle of a peremptory elite. But Putin Ministers on the spot did not leave. Then the liberal segments of the population, taking quite a small pause, and made up her mind, found a new cause for criticism, which was mentioned above: that the president desired to remain unsullied, and everything like that … Well, fork liberal critics out there and to try to amass political points for themselves in connection with what ever decision of the head of the country.

But this time, this criticism is itself does not hold water, because the acts of President Putin substantiate that the top post in the state is a person which able to change himself and to correct the political system because it would be more efficient for the development of the country. Someone talked about political stagnation … and? ..

Certainly, do not think that the removal from office of a pair of Ministers here put Russia back on track full modernization and lead directly to a brighter future. After all, is not the main point of presidential decisions. Their main purpose is to ensure, in order to give a signal to all the polls bureaucrats that the properties of the performance of its own obligations depends on how exactly they will sit on the occupied areas. With all of this non-verbal message for Putin's Army officials are not reduced to the frenzied "all executed, all hanged." President employs more than civilized way: not cope — choose the one who is ready to cope, do not cope and break the law — there is work to investigating authorities. This fully measured signal, but is, in fact, for our country, it is completely akin to revolutionary changes in the government. No, the revolution is here — it's not the removal of this or another state official from office and institution against him or his immediate subordinate of criminal cases, a revolution here is aware of a situation in which power is not going to flirt with herself, and is prepared to fully and timely civilized "cleansing" would be pronounced as in the time of discharge the same.

Cleansing on the basis of existing legislation lined up political rows, which matures to a certain point and realize the highest political authorities, can we talk about that in our country, as she grows up power, and the very civilian society, which in the near future as they say. Thus under civilian society here is not aware of certain groups of people that are in all your endeavors imperative of political elites necessarily behold the negative, but rather a solid layer of Russian society and its ability to realize, including the responsibility for the fate of the country in which he lives.

So, the president is using the tool of personnel management on the basis of existing laws, the President forms the wrong team, which not only will make its responsibilities, and the team is aware of the level of responsibility before a civilian society. For obvious reasons, such a formation, either yesterday or today can not be considered complete. In this case, the embodiment 100% completion generally not attainable. This, then is a new approach to building a political system: if one of the devices it fails, then it must be either "fix" or change, without stopping at all of this general workflow.

Is it truly radically new style of politics, Vladimir Putin, will the coming course of events, but, at least, the beginnings of this style abound.

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