The President of Latvia: Baltic states should commit themselves to a closer union

The President of Latvia: Baltic states should commit themselves to a closer unionPresident Latvia Andris Berzins said that Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are very malehankih States in order to survive separately from each other in the long term. Because the three Baltic republics to develop the closest possible co-operation, said Berzins in an interview to "Bimbo Week" channel LTV. "If we want to Survive in today's world, we need to combine efforts voedinyzhdy "- concluded president.

Arguing about the future of the Baltic region, the President said: "In my overall opinion, any one of us is very small, to survive in the long term. If we do over the next 10 years will not find a method like us to be closer, or the 1st of the countries will not. They just dissolve, because we are very small. We need to act on it. " Berzins promised: "I will try to do everything from the standpoint of the interests of Latvia, so we were constantly together and could move forward. Estonia was able to make cooperation with Finland, to adopt her experience in different areas. Latvia and Lithuania in the process of forming their own municipal passed through the collision of business interests, while the business was placed higher than government. But now we have grown up. "

Note that the version of the creation on the basis of Lithuania, Latvia Estonia and the 1st "superstate" elite debated these republics since the 30-ies of the last century — because, individually, they are very insignificant player on the world stage. Today's speech Berzins is fully in line with similar views.

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