The President of the Party of apathy, Mr. Putin will not be president of the majority of Russians

The President of the Party of apathy, Mr. Putin will not be president of the majority of RussiansThe majority of Russians do not want to create the new president of the country neither Putin nor Medvedev, and their brand new reshuffle made even the smallest memory than you would have to wait. Putin, in his second coming may be based only on the indifference of the majority of the population to the government.

September 23-27, in other words, just at the height of the Congress of "United Russia", which ended the real political tandem, and marked the return of Putin to the present sole management of the state, the Levada Center conducted another full survey on the attitude of Russians to duumvir. Answers to questions about a more desirable candidate for the President of the population and about whom respondents would vote for if elections were held in the coming Sunday, proved to be more revealing.

In-1's, these responses confirm the version of "renunciation" Medvedev expressed his interview leaders of 3 federal TV channels, — Putin really more popular. Even in March 2011, at the peak of expectations Medvedev's second term, he was ready to build a presidential candidate lish18% of respondents, while Putin was the smallest figure for it — 27%. In September, according to a recent survey, Medvedev want to build a presidential candidate 11%, and 29% of Putin — the difference is really very significant. With all this he combined presidential rating tandem in September compared with March actually not changed: in other words, in fact, is indifferent which of the 2-ruled state minions take the top post in the country for the coming six years. Answers to the question "who would you vote for if the presidential elections were held in the coming Sunday", showed how fed up people are both former members of the tandem. Medvedev ready to support 13% Fishing season — 27%. In other words

Both do not gain in the amount of ordinary majority. In general, this does not mean that Putin, who has de facto become the presidential candidate of the government, there are real competitors. His main rival — a fantastic candidate "neither one nor the other."

Both duumvirs do not want to build the President of the Russian Federation 27% — exactly the same as ready to vote at the moment for Putin.
As you know, Russian electoral legislation devoured the problem of voter turnout as a class. Yet the very low turnout in the presidential election authorities will try to avoid. While firmly say that will not go to vote in the presidential election, 11%, and 13% did not determine whether or not to vote, while 21% did not determine their candidate. Zhirinovsky and Zyuganov as presidential candidates gaining their attendants 5-6% each.
All this alignment states only that

Russians are tired of unchangeable power, but can not find her real candidates for the replacement and methods effectively to express protest against the election of the former and the future head of state.

The form of such a protest would be not only a highest percentage of voting for the hypothetical candidates from representatives of the remaining systemic parties (in general, non-systemic opposition before the presidential elections will not admit — that you can not fluctuate), and the absolute refusal to even greater part of the people to vote in elections President. If the turnout in the presidential election would have been significantly less than 50%, it is unlikely to be impacted on their final, but would be unequivocal expression of distaste affairs of society to those candidates, of which we must choose.
Specifically, the indifference and apathy of the majority of the population will become the main political support of Putin, as it was throughout the second term of his presidency and the prime minister today. Question about the expectations of the presidential candidates are not set, but it is unlikely in the presence of simple logic can pin a person,

one way or another for almost 12 years, who ruled the state for '13 suddenly start spending some fundamentally different in content and effectiveness of the policy.

In general, the flip side of that hopelessness is the illusion of stability:

Putin, of course, part of the population seems to be entirely predictable politician, and the theme of "if only it was not worse" as before is very important for the frightened historical upheavals of ordinary townsfolk.

But is unlikely to be deluded: apathy endless and can not be all-embracing, and the number of real followers of the current government inexorably shrinking. And there is no reason to believe that an application for permanent presidency Fishing season somehow change this trend. In any case, Putin will not be president of the majority of Russians: will not put up with it, but almost support for real.

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