The President of the Russian Federation recognized that the conditions on missile defense with the United States at the moment is unreal

The President of Russia accepted that an agreement on missile defense with the United States is now impossibleRussian President Dmitry Medvedev said the presidential candidate U.S. Republican Mitt Romney, who called Russia the main enemy of the United States. He also admitted that the conditions for missile defense dilemma at the moment is unreal, and said he was ready to engage in dialogue with the least how the winner of the presidential election in the United States.

Expression of Romney, according to Medvedev, "smells like Hollywood." "In regard to the different ideological cliches — I always worry when she or the other party is using designs such as" enemy number one ", it smells of Hollywood and certain periodically.'s Why I recommend to all candidates for the U.S. presidency, without prejudice to of whom you said (Mitt Romney), at least two things: 1-x, the formulation of the position include all the same reasons reason, use your head — it's for a presidential candidate not to be malicious, and in-2, glance the clock — for the moment in 2012, not the middle of the 70s, and no matter which party whoever treated, it must take into account the political realities, "- said Medvedev, Speaking at a press conference in Seoul on the results of the Nuclear Security Summit.

The reason for the application Medvedev was present interviews Mitt Romney TV channel CNN, in which he called the Russian "geopolitical enemy number one" for the United States. "Right now, our homeland, not Iran and North Korea, is a geopolitical adversary for the United States," — said the presidential candidate, explaining it by the fact that Moscow supports the "worst in the world" modes, including — regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Coupled with the fact Medvedev stressed that our homeland is ready to negotiate with the least what the U.S. president. "I expect that the dialogue with the United States of America will continue. However, we would wish it lasted, regardless of who sits in a white house" — said Medvedev. He added: "It does not happen, and the confidence level is always depending on who directly performs the duties, including the duties of the U.S. president."

President Barack Obama RF considers comfortable partner. "There's a difference between that dialogue, which was with the United States, and the dialogue that goes under President Obama, but that does not mean that president Obama took some special positions. President Obama — the usual president United States, and he is fully pro-American position ", — stated the Medvedev, the proviso that it does not prevent him to make friends with a South American worker.

Once again, returning to the subject of missile defense, Medvedev acknowledged that some questions on defense at the moment impossible to solve, because in Russia has just concluded presidential elections, and in the U.S. election campaign is gaining momentum. "It is not unusual in the fact that a number of issues are very difficult to solve in certain political situations. Is the best time to address the issues and the worst. Course, the best time is when all the political forces of a measured without respect to who is doing what. Just a clearer structure. This was a conversation (with Obama) ", — said Russian favorite.

Medvedev expressed the view that consultations on missile defense must continue. Together, he noted that none of, nor the European countries, and, perhaps, the United States, there is full awareness that will be of a missile defense system, but the problem itself is used for political purposes

Recall that in the Sun, talks were held in Seoul, Russian and U.S. presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama. Following the meeting, the head of the Russian country said that the parties remain in the same positions on the deployment of missile defense, but there is still time to agree. For its part, Obama said that in many areas of the Russian Federation and the United States have yet to do a great job. According to him, at the moment it is time, when "the team will begin discussions on technical issues."

Now Obama has expressed the hope that Moscow and Washington fail to agree on missile defense by 2013. "Over the next 9 — 10 months, experts will work on the technical qualities of missile defense, which is a prerequisite of our tensions. Possible by 2013 will make progress if the technical issues will be resolved," — he said.

Vorachivayas to Medvedev's speech, we note that he touched and domestic issues. According to him, the government should engage in dialogue with all political forces, including those who are not represented in the State Duma. Speaking about the formation of a new government, Medvedev said that it will begin only after the inauguration of President Putin, and all the discussion about the future composition of the Cabinet at this time in vain. Medvedev also stressed that the resignation of the governor nedavneshnie some regions are not associated with the return of direct elections of regional governors. With all this, he assured that in the coming time new retirement are not expected.

In addition, Medvedev again spoke against Bashar al-Assad's resignation, saying that it will not solve the political problems in Syria. "Those internal contradictions that are now tearing Syrian society, as a result of care one way or the other political personalities will not be wasted. Need to think about it completely to everyone: those who talk about the need for an immediate change of the political regime, and those who stand in a position of equilibrium — he said. — Syrian society — by his own religious affiliation, on other grounds — very complex, and assume that the departure of Assad decides prepyadstviya all, it would be completely short-sighted. "

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