The president of Yemen has agreed to give power to the criteria of the UN

The president of Yemen has agreed to give up power under the UNPresident Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh welcomed the UN Security Council resolution on the transfer of power in the country. This was October 24 Reuters reported citing local official media.
Resolution adopted by the UN on October 21, provides for an agreement on the basis of the initiative of the Cooperation Council of Arab Gulf (GCC), in accordance with which the President Saleh should peacefully give power in exchange for immunity. The document was adopted by the Security Council members unanimously.

According to the report, vserasprostranennom on Mon Yemeni agency SABA, the president "expressed his willingness to negotiate with the opposition as soon as possible to sign the GCC initiative and hold premature elections."

Earlier president three times stated its readiness to sign the initiative of the Council, but every time refuses at the last moment.

Ali Abdullah Yemen's Saleh controls since 1978. Since January 2011, the country's last rebellion against his rule, joined the army. During this time period were killed, according to various estimates, from a few hundred to one and a half thousand people, and Saleh himself was assassinated — as a result of explosion at the presidential palace, he was wounded and in a few months, was treated in Saudi Arabia.

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