The prime minister spoke to the deputies and listened to their views

The prime minister spoke to the deputies, and listened to their views10 minutes of intercourse was going on behind closed doors, then it's time to hour and a half of the report and the responses to the questions factions. And specifically in the process of dialogue with the factions voiced the main sensation: Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is ready to discuss the deletion of the word "in a row" in the state constitution to limit presidential possibilities with 2 terms. However, even if this amendment is adopted, it will not prevent him from running in 2018 as head of the country. "On the order to" give a "two-time", I think it is appropriate, can be thought of, — he said. — That we need to discuss together, with all the factions. I say quite sincerely, and not because it concerns me in the least degree. The law does not force the back, from the moment when he passed, I have the opportunity to work the next two terms. "

In the same report, the Prime priemuschestvenno read about what country have gained over the past four years and what remains to be done. Naturally, the emphasis was made on the economy and social sphere. With all of this Putin practically touching the outside policy, except for a nice demonstration of the advantages of the Russian Federation states, struggling to get out of the crisis.

"Country went through a stressful period of the elections of the Parliament, the President, and now, of course, still felt the echoes of aggravated feelings of political battles, "- stated the Prime Minister. begins But a more fundamental period of work: it is necessary to look to the future and understand the overall responsibility for the country." Our We have one homeland, and its modern, advanced development must be the goal, to connect all the political forces of the country who want to work on building up "- says premier.

Transcript of a speech by Vladimir Fishing season in the State Duma

The head of government is long enough enumerated characteristics that can rightly be proud of. He started with the global financial crisis, from which country came with the fruits for which totally shameful. Depict threats, Putin stressed that for the country it was a huge challenge.

And if it is not able to give an answer, then the fluctuations would be very sovereignty, political independence of.

"We're not broke — said the prime minister. — We have proven mature, creative, confident within yourself civilization with a large force of the current."

Vladimir Putin thanked the people for self-control, patience and trust, and here said population growth: by 2011, more than 143 million people. And increased life expectancy. "We did not let the crisis wipe out the positive demographic trends," — commented the numbers premier.

He recalled that when presented an anti-crisis program from here, I promised to be the basic well-being of families, that the crisis is to be overcome through the development. Yes, everyone failed to assist, but it was also unrealistic. But still the authorities tried to defend the interests of the absolute majority and proved its worth, convinced the prime minister.

"We will not back down from the 1st previously announced commitments," — Putin said and explained to the story of success: "You should always read the truth and to always take responsibility for my words."

By 2013, the states of agencies subordinate to the government, will be reduced by 100 thousand people

All four years of rising real income of the people, the average wage in the economy has increased by 18 percent. In general, so far the income of the rich is about 16 times the income of the poorer. In developed European countries, the gap is 5-7 times. But in the U.S., things are about the same as in Russia — a difference of 15-fold. But justice is done in respect of old: in 2008 the average retirement pension increased by 2.5 times, under the applause of the room again has associated with its neighbors Russia Putin (in the Ukraine, for example, the retirement age was raised.)

"Now we have the highest rate of growth of economies in the middle of" eight "- never tired of praising the country the prime minister. During the four years has doubled the amount of investment, increased corporate profits and tax revenues. At the end of 2011, the Russian Federation — the only" eight "- a balanced budget even a surplus, and on April 1, 2012 the third largest reserves in the world. Record decreased inflation — for four years from 13.3 to 6.1 percent.

During the crisis, "we consciously rejected psychology of survival, have chosen the path of development," — inspired a new applause Vladimir Putin. Over the years there have been over 2-thousand new plants, the revived auto industry. The crisis has mobilized the economy. "We are stronger than they were before," — concluded the head of government and defected to the future, about which he wrote articles in their own software before the election. In his first presidential decree own label, he promised a "road map" for all the stated initiatives, work has already begun.

Be prepared for at least how external shocks, warned the prime minister. XXI century promises to be the century of the new geopolitical centers, and integration in the Eurasian space looks presentable — more states of the former Soviet Union understand that it alone with the challenges of global competition can not cope.

Even inside the country a lot of work to be strongly. In the coming years, our home will be among the world's largest economy by purchasing power parity possible, for all that it is inferior in terms of labor productivity, and the means allocated Putin, and the quality of the economy, 3-4. You need to run the motor constant renovation jobs, bring the level of investment of more than 25 percent of GDP by 2015, and all that — completely solved, assured Prime members.

"Request from business for a comfortable business environment is enormous and completely fair," — declared the Prime Minister. And if the situation does not improve, it will not solve any economic puzzle. Until the end of the year will be introduced a package of amendments to improve the business climate, and Putin urged MPs to co-sponsor.

Another premier warned against excessive spending: money is always short, but without the air bags in the world will be difficult. Where to go? Right behind Greece in Brussels? For helping to pay the sovereignty, he explained.

But officials need to cut. By 2013, the states of agencies subordinate to the government, will be reduced by 100 thousand people, said Vladimir Putin, at the same time gave the farewell newcomer to the government: to attend to the mechanism of indexation monopolies. "The citizens and businesses do not have to pay for someone else's poor performance," — he explained.

It was the last great speech of Vladimir Fishing season the rank premier-minister, and his speech is generally in line with the laws of the genre. Although Vladimir Putin apparently voiced his own program highlights upcoming presidency.

At the beginning of Putin deliberately offered not to touch the political situation, because the election is over, and focused on the economy. In any questions he indulged in painstaking detail (megacities, physical education classes in school, feature development institutions). In any (utility tariffs and improving the business climate) urged members to co-sponsor, and for some topics (first crop), "distributed" means. So, since culture is "an important basis for the development of human potential, the preservation of our identity as a nation," the implementation of federal programs from "Culture of Russia" will be oriented about 200 billion rubles. For the restoration of cultural heritage — over 42 billion

Together with some questions that are more important for the country fell into the "different." Among their corruption, as almost the only mention of the opposition in this context: the Prime Minister said he was willing to improve the institution of parliamentary investigation, strengthen the judiciary and law enforcement bodies healthier. These tasks should be shared by the government and opposition.

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