The principle of the best defense — the attack is also true for foreign policy

The principle of "the best defense - the attack" is also true for foreign policy

In adjacent to the Russian Federation states constantly raise the issue of the "occupied" territories of us. From time to time, at the municipal level, as in the Land of the Rising Sun, somewhere on the level of public organizations (Finland), personal views, historical concepts (China).

In Moscow, usually just "kicking", are justified. But it is clear that the best defense — attack! Maybe it's time to also bring the adjacent countries claim for captured Russian, Slavic lands, we have acquired, conquered the lands of the blade. Not even at the municipal level — quite on the level of the public to cool the ardor of the western and eastern adventurers.


Japanese authorities and the public, perhaps the most brutal of Russia's neighbors in terms of requirements to "occupied territories", so called "northern territories" have their special day even there.

The principle of "the best defense - the attack" is also true for foreign policy

Tokyo is constantly declares that the South Kurils — this is their "primordial Japanese land." But, if you look at the history books, their northern peninsula of Hokkaido to the middle of the 19th century was not Japanese. And the area north of it even more so do not call the eternally Japanese. They are still in the time of Catherine II were in Irkutsk governorship directly to the island of Shikotan.

After the defeat in the second world war was a plan, approved by the Marshal Vasilevsky, according to which we departed half of the island of Hokkaido "north of the strip, which runs from the town to the town of Kushiro DIA." USSR fully deserved his "share" of U.S. aid, and that would lead to war with Japan in 1946-1947.

Moscow is worth remembering that the world is not made with Tokyo, and claim territorial concessions, and you can take the indemnity.


If China is to whip up hysteria about the captured Russian Empire Primorye, southern Siberia, we can remember that we belong to the land in the CER, so called "Yellow." Well, Port Arthur, Khrushchev gave illegally. He was convicted as a voluntarist, its solutions, we can cancel.

The principle of "the best defense - the attack" is also true for foreign policy


When activated, the Kazakh Nazi Our homeland has the moral, historical right (and of the right of force than they prevent us?) Return lands almost half of the area of modern Kazakhstan. These lands have never belonged to the Kazakhs, they have mastered the Russian Cossacks, and farmers.


Finnish public organizations (such as "Karelian Union") constantly look to the "question of Karelia." We have fought wars against Finland in the 20th century, four times — three times, Finland has been a pioneer of the war. As long as this question is "dormant", but at any moment (as in Russia will destructive processes), it will be released to the municipal level.

We need to constantly, at all levels, remember that Finland as the government appeared on the good will of the Russian tsars. After all, could not give statehood and make Helsinki province, populate Russian peasants. And soon, the Finns, like the other Finno-Ugric peoples of the Russian Federation, Russian would. We can produce a series of territorial claims, and we can remember that the entire territory of Finland belongs to us. And to claim ransom, if they want freedom — think of the numbers, collect commissions from members of the academy, we calculate how much they owe us for years of illegal freedom.


Here all grace — almost all of these areas bought Peter first in Sweden. You can calculate how much they owe us for freedom. Peter returned to claim silver with interest, then pay for all the buildings of the Russian Empire and the Russian Union — virtually the whole infrastructure of 3 "Baltic dwarfs." Will give over the centuries.

Kaliningrad problem of

The German elite is quite a measured in this matter, hysteria does not allow her to thank for it. Although at times "trial balloons" various creators launch. In the event of increased demand to review the results of the second world war. In particular, in terms of Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad we can almost remember everything.

— Much of modern Germany — is the land of the Slavic tribes, our direct relatives. Father Rurik Godolyub had there land ownership (deg Rorik) and Rurik — our prince, you can claim a refund. Well, in general clean up areas of the Slavs — obodrichey, Labe region, Pomeranians, Ruyan, Wagram, Borus, lyutichey etc..

— Modern Kaliningrad region was conquered by the German knights in the 13th century, only the tribes of the Prussians (Balto-Slavic origin), so that the name of its indigenous lands Germans as a huge part of Germany, you can not.

— Can be claimed, if we review the decision of the Yalta-Potsdam system, to Poland, the third part of the area of Germany (Silesia, Pomerania, Pomerania), the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda.


Khrushchev's decision to recognize the illegal and claim a refund of Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk regions. You can simply enter the army, met them with flowers, and occupy these areas.

Hungary and Romania

At the end of the war, Stalin Russian Lofty was very gentle and kind. We may revise its decision and claim compensation (with interest!) For the atrocities their troops in our area. Documents of this is. Area will not take. But turn away from cash payments stupid.

Earthen property and gold Russian Empire

After the collapse of the Russian Empire a number of our "good neighbors" seized the expensive parts of earthy accessories — it's azure bay and the coast of France, and plots of land in Paris, and hundreds and hundreds of other sites across Europe. They are full-length billion gold rubles (and still need to take into account the percentage of the decades of use), and nobody is going to give us. Although it is our legitimate property.

Need to "edge" to put the question of the "royal gold" — Banks Land of the Rising Sun, the UK, France and other countries have received 10's tons of gold, but the contract is not fulfilled (an instrument, for example, Kolchak is not set). Plus interest, almost a century. They owe us a tremendous amount that can be a couple of times to modernize Russia. And Moscow is silent, it can be a massive factor in our pressure — we just have a
n incredible amount.


To begin to reverse the decision of Gorbachev (him tried for treason) on the impact of the U.S. Bering Sea shelf. Then collected by the Commission of the wisest of men, and begin to open a discussion of the question of the legality and effectiveness of California (Fort Ross), Alaska, the Aleutian Islands.


Get the cards Russian Empire (its successor — the USSR and the Russian Federation — the successor of the USSR), and to say that Poland — our territory under the law. After that, start the question of "redemption" for freedom. And if there is no real asset, I'm sorry, but you need to learn the Russian language …

Enough already repent and ask for forgiveness, it is time to remember that we are people, not knowing equal in battle. As such, there is nothing to indicate that we have someone, we will prove that we all have to.

The principle of "the best defense - the attack" is also true for foreign policy

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