The problem of the Caspian Sea, the likely area of conflict

The problem of the Caspian Sea, the area of possible conflict

Southern borders of Russia, Russia have always been a major source of danger. This situation is preserved to this day: in the South China looms, often raises the question of the Kuril Islands in Japan, from the south are the flow of drugs, guns, illegal movement, get constructive carriers of Islam. Located in the south of the restless Caucasus and the Caspian sea.

At the current time, the Caspian Sea is one of the areas of likely conflict on the planet, one of the circumstances of this — the legal status of the Caspian Sea. It is up to the current day or so and is not resolved. Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan insist on a section along the median strip of the sea, and Tehran — on the division of the Caspian Sea by between one-fifth of all the Caspian states (it has only 14% of the coast of the sea). A bet is for that — the general provisions of hydrocarbons estimated at 18-20 billion. tons (maybe they are, the data is constantly changing), plus fishing and the seafood — the Caspian sea is more than 90% of the world catch of sturgeon. In addition, the excellent ability for the development of tourism, recreation, healing.

The problem of the Caspian Sea, the area of possible conflict

Affairs of Iran and Russia on the Caspian still determined by the agreements of 1921 and 1940: it has been installed on the freedom of navigation in the entire sea, freedom of fishing, not counting the 10-mile exclusive public areas, swimming is prohibited foreign vessels without the Caspian countries. In 1998-2002 there was an agreement with Kazakhstan on the delimitation of the northern part of the sea and the Protocol thereto. In 2001-2003, an agreement was reached and the Protocol thereto between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. May 14, 2003 between Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan signed an agreement on the delimitation of adjacent sections of the sea.

Because the Caspian countries practically deployed naval arms race. Our homeland is long enough for it almost did not react, Russian "reserve" in the face of the Caspian flotilla can be confident in the safety of this trend. But the years passed, the neighbors are no longer limited and border patrol boats, so, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan announced the development vsepolnotsennyh Navy build its naval base.

RF also have to think how to strengthen their dilapidated military capabilities on the Caspian direction, and of the civilian fleet since the time of the Union of date. May 4, 2011 Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said that "on the whole Russian fleet, operating in the Caspian Sea, can be described as deadweight, morally and physically outdated, uncompetitive." Of the 148 vessels registered in the Caspian Sea, virtually all the more Russian-built, they are more than 30 years. Vessels under construction at shipyards in fact do everything for foreign companies.

In legal terms, Ivanov said that Russia is against dividing the sea into national sectors, "Our motherland has always considered unique landlocked Caspian pond and opposes partition of its waters into national sectors, as it will claim radical revision of existing for the last 70 years, the mode of economic use of the the pond. "Some resources of the sea, for example, aquatic resources, can not be broken down and require a coordinated policy. Common are and difficulties — the safety of navigation, environmental protection and ecology, in particular this is due to the tragedies of the oil industry.

On the same day the commander in chief of the Russian Navy Vladimir Vysotsky said that this new direction will be formed coastal missile and aircraft parts. Fleets of 2020 promised 16 new ships this year in order to enter two rocket ship — "Dagestan" and "Volgodonsk" and three amphibious ships. "Dagestan" — is ship Project 11661 — code of "Cheetah" the head ship the flagship of the Caspian Flotilla — "Tatarstan". He has missiles, anti-aircraft missile and artillery weapons, the base of the striking power — strike complex "Uranus" with cruise missiles like the X-35E, they hav e range of up to 130 km. The problem only in the fact that "Dagestan" laid back in 1991. "Volgodonsk" — a small gun ship of Project 21630 (code "Desperado"), it was founded in St. Petersburg in the "Diamond" in 2005.

In the West, these plans immediately dubbed the "militarization" of the Caspian Sea, as if it is our home it began, and not other countries. So, Doctor of Military Institute of the American army, Stephen Blank pages on the Internet publication «EurasiaNet» wrote: "Statements by Sergei Ivanov at the Caspian Sea are consistent with the general build-up of Russian building its naval forces dictated by the Kremlin's desire to protect its energy interests — not only on the Caspian Sea and in the Arctic and Pacific oceans. " In his view, this move will trigger an arms race in the Caspian region and even make the possibility of an armed conflict.

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