The problem of the movement as a threat to national security of the Russian Federation

The problem of migration as a threat to the national security of Russia

Liberalisation, which some people RF already refers to a type of fascism — Liberal Fascism, continues to gain momentum — the Federal Migration Service is derived from the authority of the Interior Ministry and gets new features. One of the ways to combat the Russian and other indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation, the internal "fifth column", was Operation "Migrants", which launched back in the 90s.

Its main goal — to replace the endangered indigenous peoples of the Russian civilization (and shrinking population is experiencing not only a part of the Great-superethnos Russes, and a significant portion of other indigenous peoples such as the Mari, Mordovians, Udmurt and Komi, etc.) on the alien population, non-indigenous to these areas. The cover of this operation is very plausible — importation of labor for "recovering" Industry of the Russian Federation.

Because this policy not only did not fold, and expand. To do this, the FMS will be demilitarized, would be a civilian agency, the timing of the Federal Migration Service head Konstantin Romodanovskiy described as "Interfaksu" are — in 2013-2014. According Romodanovskii, a novel concept of migration policy (it is currently developing a) quotas on migration will be removed or, at least, are made even more liberal.

Will be facilitated by the ability for workers to obtain Russian citizenship, he said, "we eliminate the mechanism of a temporary residence permit. Certain categories of foreign people who expect to receive citizenship, immediately will receive a residence permit. " And he brought examples will be facilitated citizenship for those born in Russia who received higher education in Russia, etc.

In his view, Russian Federation shall, without the workers to develop the economy, and of the problem of "depopulation" will help to decide: "We do not go out on a hundred percent compensation of loss of numerical population, but will provide a noticeable increase in population due to migration."

Romodanovskiy believes that hitch xenophobia in Russia is, but only "artificial, twisted" by some politicians.

Which of this we can conclude

Over the past decade, Russian culture has been artificially disrupted and replaced by a substitute, "the Russian-language culture." And the central government is not going to rectify the imbalance, by contrast, take a cue from Western Europe and the U.S. with its "multiculturalism." And in Europe for virtually all large countries recognized the complete failure of the policy of multiculturalism. The mass importation of cheap labor from Africa to Europe, Asia, led to the fact that European countries are losing their "face" to the growth of ethnic crime, growth of nationalist sentiment.

In other words replaced in order to solve the problem of increasing the fertility of the indigenous population, the authorities went the easy way, the result — the widespread extinction of a snow-white race and the rise of Nazi sentiment in Europe.

Although this example is Land of the Rising Sun says that you can get along on their own, without verbovaniya working masses outside. In RF have the reserves to deal with the problem of workers — millions of unemployed and half-timer (running times, seasonally), millions of disabled alcoholics, drug addicts, which could be returned to normal working life. Plus, hundreds of thousands of prisoners who may also be a good use for the common good power. In addition, the Russian authorities do not solve the problem of the extinction of their own people, to increase their numbers.

It can be concluded that the central government profitable deal with the biomass without roots, culture, fuzzy masses intruders. Such a "population" is much easier to manage, but it will not be Russian civilization — perhaps not in vain so often they used the phrase "Young Russia". But Russian and extinction of white people in general are very bad for the planet a process leading ultimately to the degeneration of the world's population.

A common migration policy for Russia would be the greatest relief to the process of obtaining citizenship for Russian and other ethnic groups indigenous to our land, remaining outside Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and their direct descendants. And from foreigners to avoid the area, only a limited number of highly qualified professionals, if need be. In principle, it may be easier check in and obtain citizenship for Germans, Scots, Irish, Swedes and other representatives of the indigenous peoples of Europe.

Streams also from the South Caucasus, Central Asia and Asian in general need to stop and hold a mass expulsion of their representatives in their country. Strengthen border can be recovered by the Cossack troops to stop illegal channels and penetration.

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