The program Future Combat Systems — howitzer HM1203 NLOS-C

The "Future Combat Systems" - howitzer HM1203 NLOS-C

In the United States passed the tests the latest self-propelled artillery — 155-mm howitzers HM1203 None-Line of Sight Cannon (NLOS-C). In a literal sense, it can be translated as "the gun, shooting out of sight", in other words from the closed position.

SPG developed within the framework of the latest programs from the U.S. DoD "Future Combat Systems". Although skeptics are convinced that in the age of managed and precision instruments propelled howitzer — a relic of the past. But for the benefit of artillery systems are also many evidence. For example, the shells after the shot can not be jamming, air defense intercept them much harder than a rocket. Self-propelled artillery has a much larger rate (with the exception of multiple rocket launchers) and a large ammunition on board. It is necessary to see that the artillery ammunition is even cheaper than missiles.

First firing tests NLOS-C were held in October 2006, and the first model of self-propelled guns with a closed tower came down in May 2008 with an assembly plant flow BAE Systems, which is located in Minneapolis. And in July, has been featured in Washington in front of snow-white concrete house on the Capitoline hill.

The developers decided that the maneuverability of self-propelled guns — the best protection than powerful armor. Because of aluminum armor protects the crew from only fragments. SPG also has a mass of about 20 tons and carried a military transport aircraft. NLOS-C equipped with electromechanical power plant: the engine charges the batteries that drive the electric motors, rollers, spinning. Caliber guns — 155 mm, range shot is 30 km. NLOS-C charging machine is equipped with an efficient cooling system, which, according to the developers, enables you to shoot all ammunition — 24 shells less than 4 minutes. For the projectile almost the entire line of traffic monitoring radar and bortovik, working through the acquired data, corrects the follow-up shots. On self-propelled guns mounted automatic loader because the crew size reduced to 2 persons: the driver and arrow-commander.

It was planned that by 2012, the U.S. Army will come about 20 howitzers samples for testing, and serial deliveries will begin in 2014. But in 2009, programm "Future Combat Systems" has been frozen, and the question of the fate of the upcoming self-propelled gun is still open.

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