The program Lebensborn

In 1935, in Germany, where the rules of Hitler, began to have effect programm "Lebensborn" ("Fountain of Life"). The founder and the main ideologue of applets was one of the closest associates of Hitler, Heinrich Himmler. According to the program there, "Lebensborn" parents babies who subsequently have to compile a majestic Aryan civilization should be a healthy blue-eyed blonde in the service of the SS, and a healthy blue-eyed blonde, who must be present Aryan in the 3rd generation. Born of such a union must be a child, as well as ancestors, blue-eyed and with blond hair. Specifically, such a representation of Nazi Germany to be the top man of the future, which will rule the world.

The "Lebensborn"

In order to conceive a baby, the real Aryans did not have to get married and live together. He and she could just conceive a baby, and later leave. My mother bore fruit, which for fascist favorites was more valuable than gold, under the supervision of trained doctors and a certain day and hour of the baby is born, which was the legacy of civilization. When a certain desire mother could petition for a child without the help of others, and even get a solid allowance if Dad — SS. Or, with its written consent, the newborn passed the education of spetspriyuta nannies, and then foster families where the child brought up in accordance with the thoughts and plans of the "new order" which after a little time has to prevail in Europe.

But in reality, the situation was quite different. A prerequisite for the launch of state applets become trivial problem with the steady decrease in the birth rate in Germany. And considering the real possibility of an approaching confrontation with the Soviet Union, the Nazis are seriously thinking about the real power of their own army. Who is going to wage war if the ladies do not give rise to future fighter? German historian Volker Koop in his own literary work on a plan "Lebensborn" brought documents found in the federal archives. From the quiet of documents can be concluded that Himmler tried to put an end to the terrible "abortion epidemic" in the state. 600 thousand of terminated pregnancies year — a very high figure, and Reichsfiihrer decided to make the detention center in which the lady could have relaxed the baby and give it to the state for the upcoming training. "Give the kid Führer" — this slogan urged all Germans heavily involved in municipal program from increasing the birth rate. From now conceive child, not having a legitimate spouse, the number of honor. All the more so if the pope — faithful soldier CC!

Which seemed to light the future rulers of the world took the unusual rite of baptism, in which the mother praised the name of the newborn oath of loyalty to the Nazi ideology. But his own Aryan Nazis seemed a little much. Consequently, when I broke 2 global war and the German occupation troops began their march across Europe, suitable for the civilization of the future "special" began to find in other countries.

The "Lebensborn"

The most promising future mothers of rulers of the world have been recognized by the ladies of the Scandinavian representatives favored the Norwegians. The descendants of the old Vikings, they approximate the Aryan and fully can also donate to the Fuhrer kids. The program, certainly brought some benefits: Norwegians birth of German soldiers selected a few thousand light-haired little boys and girls. It was also proposed to expand the scope of the current applets. Look, look, how many states in the captured runs malehankih blondes. If you bring them to Germany and educate, as the Germans, then the result will be positive only. And in the occupied territories have started to catch the kids that resemble the Aryans. Parents, usually, killed, and left in the surviving children were taken to the detention center, conducted thorough inspection, measuring, and those who fit the requirements imposed, deported to Germany, "scrapped" waiting for death in the gas chamber. In our days are in the town of Lidice (Czech Republic) is a monument to child victims of Nazi applets "Lebensborn" in 1942, when out of the 105 children taken Germans in Terezín special camp in Lodz for the upcoming adaptation of 13 were selected, and 40 boys and 52 girls were killed. One of the children who survived, was Maria Dolezhalova-Shupikova, which became an unwitting participant of the "Lebensborn", and that's what she told about it: "I do not many of those who have transferred to foster families were grateful to the new mother and father. And happy that we are alive. Always stay in the family treated us very well, even, perhaps, and adored. And in comparison with children's homes, where we lodged immediately after taken out of Lidice, there was not bad enough. "

Mary was given a new name — Ingeborg, and she lived with him until 1946. While her official documents do not fall to the defenders. With them she found his ill-fated mother. During the war, the lady had been arrested and was in a concentration camp, and by the time when her daughter had found, was paralyzed. In 1947, when Mary was 15, she was invited to address a witness at the Nuremberg trials, in his own speech, she carefully outlined all the fears of the "Lebensborn".

Kids who are turned over to the German family as a child, believed that people grow their true ancestors, and only years later, after the war, found out about what happened in reality.

Folker Heinecke huge part of his life he lived, not knowing that he is not the man he considered himself a lifetime. And just being lucky to have inclined aged German merchant inadvertently learned that in reality he was an orphan, and not even a primitive orphan, and one of the kids applets "Lebensborn". The once-sovereign Heinecke decided to restore order in the archives of the late Pope, and in the midst of papers to him at one point got a document that indicated that he was born totally in Hamburg in the family's own father and mother, and in Oderberge, and was then adopted by a member of the SS A. Heinecke. Volker continued to search for, this made inquiries in various international organizations and learned that he did not even Teuton. His real name — Alexander Litau, and his real homeland — the Crimea. In one of the SS documents Heinecke found the description of a military operation in the districts of the Crimean village Communar. During this operation, and caught the eye of Hitler's soldiers adorable fair-haired boy, who was captured and flown to Germany to further educate him a real Aryan. But the Volker does not remember anything. Oh, and for his life in foster care can not complain. He could not even imagine what his father and mother who adored him to madness, it is not native. He did not know what Adalbert saw it in 3-year-old in one of spetsdomov "Lebensborn" and immediately fell in love with all heart baby. According to the law, this Teuton could not take the baby for an upcoming training, from the fact that for their own health was not suitable as a father, beca
use the de minimis suffered deafness. But Adalbert was very rich and have excellent connections in the narrow Nazi circles. He was able to lure to themselves the party of the Heinrich Himmler and tied up a conversation with him on the subject beloved high guest — of growing chickens. As a result of this conversation, Adalbert literally — fascinated Himmler — and headed for, so he supported his candidacy for the role of the adopter.

The "Lebensborn"

Foster dad did everything to the future life of his non-native son failed. In Adalbert left him a legacy of a thriving brokerage firm through which Volker made a fortune, he moved to London.

For the sake of fairness, it must be said that the next longish life foster child has developed gratifying, despite the sadness … No, not a disorder, but rather expose that, but did not change its truly warm emotions in relation to the people who raised him. Many other kids applets "Lebensborn" was waiting for a very different fate.

With the fall of Nazi Germany, "Aryan willy-nilly" took upon his shoulders the heavy burden of paying for their own misdeeds "fathers." Only furiously and relentlessly with members of the Aryan experience massacred in Norway. The management of this Scandinavian country has taken steps to all the "delinquent" suffered the appropriate punishment. Mothers who gave birth to the SS, called names not on the other as the "German whores" and deported to concentration camps hidden, forcing it to make the most languid and humiliating work. And their kids teased "Nazi bastards" and "rats." About eight thousand so called "rats" Norway has sent to Australia — out of sight. Terrible was the fact that even the priests offered to sterilize these kids, that they will no longer give offspring that would fully inherit genes dangerous Nazis. Anger toward the unfortunate descendants of former SS men trapped states of Scandinavia was so enormous that they were beaten, spat on, and even raped in children's homes.

Harriet von Nickel, whose mother-Norwegian in 1941, was due to have an affair with a German officer, many years after the war, was subjected to humiliation heartless. At the age of four adoptive ancestors planted the baby on a chain with a dog in the yard. At 6 years old resident of the village threw her a small little girl in the water to have a look, shall be saved "witch" or utopnet. In nine years, the unknown, which call people not bring, cut on the forehead miserable Nazi swastika.

Because of such, like to discover things children experienced constant feeling of shame and guilt for fathers-Nazis, which they did not choose, and their mothers were only victims. The number of suicides in the middle of babies born on programmke "Lebensborn" was more than 20 times higher than normal in the middle of neurotics. Many of the youths took to drink, abuse drugs and become socially insecure persons from whom the government to deliver.

No one can be called a clear number of kids participating in the program there Himmler. Some refer to figure 5.5 thousand, others — 12 thousand How many of them were born from the Germans, and how many were captured and removed from the occupied territories at the moment to find out about even unrealistic. But Folker Heinecke wants at least some valuable real find out the fate of their own parents, and for this, even visited the Crimea. Maybe he was lucky, he would see even if it is grave, but native people from whom it meanly robbed in favor of majestic thoughts Aryan schizophrenic.

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